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A guide to starting an affiliate program

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1. You should begin by setting up the Omnistar Affiliate software on your server or purchasing the hosted version. We also offer free installation if you need it.

2. Configure your affiliate program to work with your site, including adding the thank you page code to the thank you page that is displayed following a sale. (Note: Only complete this step if you are paying per referred sale.)

3. Affiliate users will be able to sign up for your affiliate program and will be given a link and banners to place on their sites.

4. These link will be placed on their sites and wherever else they want to benefit from it. Every time someone clicks that link he is tracked. Our software uses a cookie on the referred customer's system and tracks where he came from and whether or not he purchased one of your products.

5. Your visitor is redirected to your web page, allowing him to look at your products. If he purchases your product (or otherwise do something you pay a referral fee for), the software automatically records the transaction and adds to the commission total of that referrer.

6. The affiliate software will track all inbound referrals and will collate them into invoices for your customers. You can have the software automatically notify you when the total reaches a certain point, indicating you should pay the total. This is a zero-risk method for promoting your products, as you don't pay anything unless you make a sale.

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