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It's becoming a time period where technology is becoming fully functional with business. In the case of apps, they start to dictate how we move from a personal and professional level. They bridge the gap between simply a convenience for leisure purposes all the way to being an integral part of how we conduct business. Stripe helps you utilize your creativity in a way that combines app power with function. Need to know more about Stripe? Take a look below:

What is Stripe?

Stripe is one of the most effective ways to accept payments online and while using mobile apps. Of course, this is not a new concept, but this particular program makes it that much more efficient. From small to large business, they really help make it easier to handle your finances.

Instead of bombarding you with a bunch of code, they help you by doing it for you. You'll be able to focus on building great products instead of solely working on different codes to solve your basic problems. They've worked with everyone from Skype, Lala, Act Blue, and Wesabe.

Code can get very clunky and irritating to deal with. Stripe has a set a trend with different web and mobile businesses to make things run more efficiently. It's a humble company with 333 people in an old trunk factory in San Francisco. It has grown to received over 300 million dollars in funding from Visa, American Express, and Peter Thiel to name a few. From 2009 until now, it continues to grow in relationships with different companies. It serves a worldwide approach with payments accepted in 21 different countries.


The interesting thing about Stripe is the connect based service, Stripe Connect, which allows you to accept payments on the behalf of others. It's very useful to connect with other Stripe users. It makes the payment process a lot easier and more secure.

For example, if you had an ecommerce store from Shopify, you would easily be able to make payments to different clientele using Connect. Additionally, if you were running your own Lyft business, you can pay your drivers directly through this service. You can keep it all within the realm of Stripe, and not have to create separate accounts. Whether you’re in the midst of building apps, creating your own store, or using data services, Stripe has what you need to carry out your financial tasks.

The great thing about this process is the ease of setting it up. First of all, you should register your platform. Then connect and create different Stripe accounts. It’s best if the people you do business with already have accounts created. It’ll be better to connect with them to make this process run a lot quicker. You can contact different Stripe users in your circle as well as manage accounts. This saves a lot of time because you can perform multiple tasks and distribute them to different people in your business.

Why it's Good

Better Fees

Compared to a lot of other online payment services, Stripe doesn't have any major extra charges. With a Paypal account, there are additional fees depending on volume as well as the different service you use like an American Express. This also doesn't take into account international fees and international accounts. It can get rather irritating and complex having to cope with all of these changes. While Stripe doesn't give major benefits after 1 million dollars, it does keep with a general rule of thumb of 2.9% + .30 for each successful charge. PayPal seems to give a great deal with discounts due to sales, but the miscellaneous fees certainly add up.

Learn how to transfer your funds here:

Security Measures

Additionally, there's great emphasis on security. Information through online business is very sensitive. Of course, there are still people out there that distrust online payment services and don't like making transactions through the net. However, Strife ensures that this sensitive data is carefully disseminated through a vault, not a server. A server is just one bad way of doing this because a number of things can happen:

1. Your server can crash and all of the information can be easily leaked out.

2. A good hacker can go ahead and disrupt your servers and get all of the sensitive credit card data for himself.

The best way to have information go through servers is paying for PCI compliance. However, a vault will not allow anyone to take your information even if a small breach happened because it's still protected.

Great Customer Service

This is critical because problems and concerns always arise in any kind of business. Stripe uses open channels for email support and an IRC channel to get directly in contact with a support member. Live chat is very important because the dialogue is interactive and you'll get help right in the moment. Other businesses especially dealing with financial affairs typically don't have this feature.

Learn to process your payments using this tutorial


3rd Party Software Compatibility and Other Service Uses

Stripe shines here really well. If you are big into WordPress and Drupal or any other software that enables you to host a site or blog, Stripe has great plugins. You won't have to worry about implementing so much code that it takes you forever to get everything together. Here's a good list to help you find quality third party services

As stated before, you can integrate your software with Stripe. There's no need for a development team or someone to do unnecessary coding to get things rolling. Everything from accounting, ecommerce, invoicing, ticketing, and other financial affairs are all integrated using this software. Stripe has a list of integration services it combines with on their integration page

Here's a basic integration video of Stripe:

Stripe is a very useful payment software that only helps to keep your methods in proper order. Whether you have a full ecommerce site or a blog shop, this is great tool that makes payment a lot easier. Use this in your overall payment plan to keep things simple for you and your customers.