Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide

Affiliate Link Tracking

Omnistar Affiliate comes with the extra feature of being able to provide affiliates with the ability to track the specific source of their activity. All the affiliate needs to do is append a tracking label to the end of their link and the system automatically records the label. When the affiliate views their traffic report, the label will be noted next to each inbound link reported. This allows the affiliate to track the success of different links, helping them use their advertising as efficiently as possible.

One example of how this feature could be used is an affiliate who is both advertising on their own site and paying Google Adwords to advertise the text link. By using different labels for each link, the user would be able to tell exactly how much revenue the Adwords link was generating, this means the user would know whether or not the advertising was profitable, and would be able to adjust for the future.

There are numerous benefits the affiliate receives from knowing which links are generating traffic. Another use would be tracking inbound links from two different sites, each of which with distinct audiences. The affiliate would learn which site's customers were clicking on the affiliate link, and how many of those were making sales on the partner site. When it comes to advertising, more information is always better, so your big affiliates will likely want to use this feature as much as possible.

Link Tracking is a great way to enhance the quality of inbound traffic by allowing your affiliates to see what is working and what is not. By refining their advertising they will make more money, and you will make more sales. With an affiliate program, extra features are always win-win.