Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide

Manage Email Campaigns

The Omnistar Affiliate software includes a feature to send email campaigns. Email messages can be HTML or plain text and the software comes preloaded with a number of professionally-designed email templates. You also have the option of importing or creating your own templates, or editing the existing templates to fit your campaign. From this section, you can add campaigns, build emails, manage subscriber lists and create and manage autoresponders.

Add New Email Campaign
Use this section to send or schedule plain text or HTML emails.
Click here for a list of settings and descriptions for adding email campaigns.

Build HTML Emails
Build or modify HTML emails, which can be used when creating a new email campaign. Clicking on each HTML email will give you options to modify the main page (and any secondary pages) as well as to restore the template to its original state. Editing templates uses a WYSIWYG text editor, which can also be toggled to input straight HTML by clicking on the source button.
Manage Manually Subscribed Users
Search users that have manually subscribed to your email list by date range or email address. You also have the option of editing the result information.
Create Autoresponders
An auto-responder will allow you to send emails to your affiliate users automatically. You can determine when your affiliate users will receive your follow-up emails. For example you can configure a follow-up email series to go out after an affiliate user is added, then send another email automatically after 2 days and then another after a month.
In order for autoresponders to work correctly, you must setup a cron job. Instructions can be found by clicking the link below:
The first step gives your autoresponder a name and defines who your message will go out to, while the second step is the actually composition of your message. The same settings are used for adding autoresponders as adding new email campaigns.