Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide


1. How do I reset the admin password in the affiliate management program solution?

Follow these instructions to reset your administrative password:

  • Download the file called, 'reset_password.php' which is located in the affiliate folder.

  • Open that file in an editor and enter your database information into the corresponding variables. For example:
  • $db='DATABASE_NAME';

  • Save the file and upload the file back to your web server. Make sure the file is put back in the folder named affiliate.

  • Go to the web page in a browser. For example go to:
    Once you pull up this page it will reset the password to admin/admin. Then you should login with admin/admin and change the password.

  • Remove your database information from the reset_password.php page.

2. I am having trouble uploading large files, what can I do?

Uploading Large Files:

  • Set the value of the following PHP settings to 16M:

    You can do this through the php.ini file or you can add the following lines to your Apache under the virtual host and restart Apache:
    php_admin_value upload_max_filesize 16M
    php_admin_value post_max_size 16M

  • Set the value of the following MySQL variable to 16M:
    This can be accomplished by: modifying '/etc/my.cnf' under [mysqld] and setting:
    Keep in mind that 'my.cnf' can reside in different directories depending on the installation. Usually it is '/etc/my.cnf',
    '/var/lib/mysql/my.cnf' or '/usr/local/var/my.cnf'.

3. Apache Upload Troubleshooting

If you are still having trouble once you set the parameters above, then you should check the following Apache limits:

  • LimitRequestBody

  • LimitRequestFields

  • LimitRequestFieldSize

  • LimitRequestLine

You should especially check the first one in 'httpd.conf'. It is possible the POST data is larger than the value in the LimitRequestBody

4. How can I re-brand the product?

To re-brand the product you should view the Omnistar Affiliate Branding Guide.