Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide

Manage Affiliate Ads

Our affiliate software is designed to offer your affiliate users with four different kinds of affiliate marketing strategies: banners, text links, lightboxes and page peels. From the 'Manage Affiliate Ads' section you add all promotional methods that you would like to be available to your affiliate users. By default, affiliate users are provided with a link in the format that you chose when you set up your affiliate program, but affiliate ads are generally more successful. Each of your affiliate programs can have an unlimited amount and type of promotional method. Below you will find a list of the different ads, their settings and descriptions:

Banner ads are .jpg and .gif image files that you upload in order for your affiliate users to promote your site. Animated .gif files are especially useful, since they add animation to your banners. When visitors click on the banner, they will be forwarded to the destination of the 'Redirection URL' which you set up when you added your affiliate program.

Click here for banner settings and descriptions.
Text Links
Text links are simply strings of text, which also function as links for your affiliate users to display on their sites. They are useful since they can give potential customers more information about your products and services than a standard affiliate link and, if well-written, can draw visitors into your site.

Click here for more information about creating successful text links.

Click here for text link settings and descriptions.
Lightboxes are a graphical method of advertisement, similar to banners. A .jpg or .gif image, once clicked, will draw the user's focus by dimming the background. Like banners, animated .gif files are commonly used to add interest to the promotional advertistement.

Click here for a lightbox example.

Click here for lightbox settings and descriptions.
Page Peels
Page peels are another type of graphical advertisement used to promote your site. As with banners and lighboxes, .jpg and .gif files are used. When an affiliate user displays a page peel on his site, visitors will see a small image in the corner of the page, along with a folded page animation. When the mouse hovers over the image, the page will peel back to reveal a larger image.

Click here for a page peel example.

Click here for page peel settings and desriptions.