Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide

Manage Administrator

When our affiliate software is first installed, an administrator account is automatically created for you. The 'Manage Administrators' section allows you to change certain settings for the administrator. Below you will find a list of the settings and their descriptions:

This is the login name that is used to login to the software. This value cannot be changed and is set to 'admin' by default.
API User Token
This code is required to use the API. For more information on using the API, please click here.
Password, Confirm Password
By default the administrator password is set to 'admin'. Use this field to set a new password. Passwords must be 3-8 characters and cannot include spaces.
First Name, Last Name
Enter the first and last names of the administrator.
The email address in this field will receive all system emails, including all test emails.
If these options are checked, the administrator will receive an email notification when new affiliate users complete a sign-up form and/or when there are new sales.