Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide

System Settings

By default, Omnistar Affiliate is configured to help you build a successful affiliate program after you complete the 'Getting Started Wizard'. However, many affiliate managers require a higher degree of customization and the 'System Settings' section will allow you to cater the program to your needs. Below you will find a list of settings and descriptions as well as sub-categories that allow you to manage various parts of your affiliate software:

Click here for a list of system settings and descriptions.

Manage System Emails
Omnistar Affiliate comes loaded with default system e-mail messages for certain situations, including password recovery and new user sign-ups. These e-mails are fully customizable and can be further personalized using dynamic user variables specific to the affiliate user.

Click here to view a list of system emails, their descriptions and a list of personalization variables.
Manage Frequently Asked Questions
One of the powerful features included with Omnistar Affiliate is an easy-to-use FAQ area. Use the 'Manage Frequently Asked Questions' section to update and add to your FAQ, which is available to your affiliate users on the main page of the affiliate user section, before a user has signed in.

Click here to view a list of FAQ settings and descriptions.
Manage Press Releases
From this section you can manage the press releases section of the affiliate user area. The releases that you add will appear on the main page of the affiliate user section, once a user has signed in.

Click here to view a list of FAQ settings and descriptions.
Backup Database
Use this section to create a dump of your current MySQL database.
Be aware that some hosting companies do not allow creating database dumps with the method below and that this function may not work correctly with every server.
Be sure to review your data after completing the backup to ensure it is accurate. It is recommended to use this function as a secondary backup, since many hosting companies provide their own backup methods.
System Integration
Our software is compatible with virtually all major shopping carts and gateway solutions. The 'System Integration' section includes an updated list of shopping carts and gateway soltions that are compatible with Omnistar Affiliate as well as instructions for integrating our affiliate software.
If your shopping cart or gateway solution is not listed, you still may be able to integrate our software using the 'General' method. If you still experience problems, our support team can help you integrate our software.
Integrating our software with PayPal is a separate process from the integration methods listed in the software.
Click here to view the PayPal Integration Guide.
Upload Marketing Documents
Omnistar Affiliate allows you to upload an unlimited amount of marketing documents for your affiliate users to use to promote your site. These documents will be available to your affiliate users by using the link on the user control panel.

Click here to view a list of marketing document settings and descriptions.