Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide

Affiliate Link Guard

Many of our php affiliate management system users have requested that we provide them with a more convenient link to our affiliate page, for example they want to be able to direct traffic to: Because of this, we incorporated our Link Guard into the software. The link guard allows users to provide a simple link on their site to users, and still get credit for forwarding the sale to our site. Using the link guard is a simple process:

1. Login to the PHP Affiliate Management System

  • Once you are logged in you will see the main page. On the right hand side, under Affiliate Program Links, there is a link that says Affiliate Link Guard, go here.

2. Input Your Link and Generate a File

  • By default your affiliate link will appear in the link box, but if you would like to forward the users to another link, input it here. You can have forwarding written in PHP, HTML, or Javascript, select your preference from the drop down menu. Click the generate button.

3. Save and Rename the File

  • After you click generate file you will either be prompted to save the file or forwarded to the page. Save the file and if you choose to, rename it to something easy for your customers to use.

4. Upload and Direct Users to the Link

  • Upload the file to your server, and change your affiliate links to direct users to this new page. They will still be redirected to your affiliate link, and their traffic will still be logged in the php affiliate management system.