Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide

Add New Affiliate User

When a new affiliate user completes the sign-up form, his information is automatically stored in the system. You can also use this 'Add New Affiliate User Section' to manually add new affiliates. Below you will find a list of the settings and their descriptions:

User Referred
Select a user group for the affiliate user that you are adding. User groups allow you to assign special commission structures to certain affiliates and can be set up using the 'Manage User Groups' option in the 'Manage Affiliate Users' section.
User Approved
Check this box is the user is an active affiliate user.
* Active Affiliate Programs
Select the affiliate programs that you would like this affiliate user to have access to. You can select multiple programs by holding Ctrl/Cmd and clicking. This field is required.
* Choose Password, * Confirm Password
Use these fields to set the affiliate user's password. Passwords must be 3-8 characters and cannot include spaces. These fields are required.
Affiliate User Information
Enter the personal information for the affiliate user you are adding. First Name, Last Name and Email are required fields.
Email Format
Designate whether the affiliate user should receive HTML or text emails.
Check this option if you would like the affiliate user to be subscribed to your email list.
PayPal Email (for commission)
If you will pay your affiliate users using PayPal, enter an email associated with a PayPal account here, otherwise leave this field blank.
Name to Use on Check
The name that will appear on a check if you pay your affiliate users by check.
Payment Preference
Choose from PayPal or check for a user's payment preference.
Tax ID
If you have a tax ID for this affiliate user, enter it here, otherwise leave this field blank..
New Sale Notification
If this options is checked, the affiliate user will receive an email notification when a new sale is made. The email that is sent can be customized by using the 'Manage System Emails' option in the 'System Settings' area.
Super Affiliate
Check this option if you would like this affiliate user to have a special commission structure.