Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide

Customize Interface

Use this section to customize certain aspects of the administrative and user sections of our affiliate software. We provide a template design for the user pages, which is fully customizable, along with the option to completely integrate the software into your existing site. Below you will find a list of customizable user pages as well as settings and descriptions to customize other parts of the software.

User Pages
The user pages below are able to be slightly customized with HTML titles, banner text, meta tags, header images, and header text.
affiliatesreferred.php (Affiliates Referred Report)
clicks_impressions.php (Clicks/Impressions Report)
groupdetail.php (Marketing Material Detail)
groups.php (Marketing Materials)
home.php (Logged In Home Page)
invoices.php (Invoices Page)
linkguard.php (Linkguard Page)
lostpassword.php (Lost Password Page)
main.php (Home Page)
mkt_docs.php (Marketing Documents Page)
profile.php (Update Profile Page)
register.php (Register Page)
reports.php (Reports Page)
resources.php (Resources Page
tell.php (Tell-A-Friend Page)
thankyou.php (Registration Thank You Page)
thankyou2.php (Update Profile Thank You Page)
tos.php (Terms of Services Page)
tracker.php (Affiliate Link Tracker Page)
track_report.php (Affiliate Link Tracker Report)
Click here for a list of settings and descriptions associated with these customizable user pages.

Customize Admin Panel
Omnistar Affiliate can easily be rebranded for resale by web designers and software distributors and one of the features which makes branding possible, is the option to change insert custom header graphics into the administrative pages. Using this section, a user can add or delete header graphics in order to customize the look of the software.
Click here to find out more about branding.
Customize User Interface
The 'Customize User Interface' section allows the user to make slight changes to the user page template, including importing custom graphics, changing copy and navigational links and modifying some color schemes. The template does not have to be used and the user has the choice of completely integrating the software into an existing web site. To do this, the user should use the 'Integrate with Website' subsection of 'Customize Interface'.
Click here to view a list of user interface settings and descriptions.
Customize Navigation
The 'Customize Navigation' section controls the left navigational links which are displayed on the affiliate user pages. The admin has the option of making any combination of the links below visible to the user and can also customize the link text for each link. The links are split into two sections, those that appear before an affiliate user has signed on and those that are present after he signs in.
Home Link
Affiliate Agreement Link
Contact Us Link

Home Link
Affiliate Agreement Link
Marketing Materials Link
My Commission Link
Modify Profile Link
Resources Link
Reports Link
Contact Us Link
Customize Sign Up Page
Our affiliate software has been built to offer affiliate managers a great deal of control over their affiliate programs. With the ability to add and delete fields from the affiliate user sign up page, the affiliate manager can be sure he is getting all of the information that he needs. The first page in the 'Customize Sign Up Page' shows an overview of the sign up page with a list of all fields and their attributes (i.e. required, display to user, etc.). Each field is editable and you can add an unlimited number of form fields and set different attributes.
Integrate with Website
Omnistar Affiliate provides each affiliate manager with a separate user section for his affiliate users and even allows for website replication for each user. But if you want a more custom look, the affiliate software can easily be integrated into your existing website. The software gives you integration instructions for three sections: sign up page, login page and lost password page.
Click here to view a list of integration settings and descriptions.