Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide

View Reports

One of the powerful features of Omnistar Affiliate is the detailed reporting that is available through the software. From the 'View Reports' section, users can view detailed overviews of all aspects of the software including clicks, sales, impressions, website traffic and affiliate referrers.

Sales Report, Clicks Report, Impressions Report
The three reporting options above list sales, clicks and impressions by date and are searchable according to affiliate user or date range.
The reports include a graphical representation of sales, clicks and impressions over time once a user clicks 'Show'. Reports can also be downloaded in the form of a text file.
Visitors Report
The visitors report details the number of visitors to your website in a specified time frame. Results can also be displayed graphically by clicking on the 'Show' button and can be downloaded as a text file.
Referrer Report
The referrer report displays the amount of referrers in regards to each affiliate user. Results are searchable by date and can be downloaded as a text file.