Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide

Manage Affiliate Programs

When our affiliate software is first installed, the 'Getting Started Wizard' will guide you through the process of adding your first affiliate program. You can add unlimited additional programs once you complete the wizard, by using the 'Manage Affiliate Programs' section. Below you will find a list of the settings and their descriptions:

* Name of Affiliate Program
This is the name which will be displayed to users and will also be used when referencing the program in the administrative section. This field is required.
* Redirection URL
This is the URL which is linked to your banners and text links that affiliate users display on their pages. Once a potential customer clicks on a banner or text link, he will be forwarded to this page. This field is required.
Read this article for more information on affiliate links.
Time to wait before accepting a sale from the same IP:
This is an optional feature of our affiliate software, which prevents duplicate sales. Enter a time in minutes for the system to wait before accepting a sale from the same IP address. This field is only used when commission type is set to sale.
Click here for more information on duplicate sales.
* Commission Type
Omnistar Affiliate has three methods that you can use to calculate the commission for your affiliate users. This field is required.

  • Sale
    The most popular method to calculate the commission for your affiliate users is to calculate the commission by paying your affiliate users a percentage or flat fee for each sale that is sent from the affiliate user.

  • Clicks
    Another method is to pay the affiliate user a commission for each click of a banner, text link, etc. By default, the system will only recognize one click per unique IP address, but this feature can be turned off in 'System Settings'.

  • Impressions
    The last method is to pay commission for every 1000 impressions of your banner from the affiliate user. This option will only work if you have added a banner for your affiliate program. The system will count the number of times that your banner is displayed on your affiliate user's site, and each time the counter reaches 1000, a commission will be recorded.
This field allows you to enter a description of your affiliate program, which will be displayed to your affiliate users.
What is your commission type?
Sale Click Impression