Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide

View Sales

Use this section to search clicks based upon affiliate user email, transaction ID, sale ID, date range, sale total or commission total. Search results can be sorted by sale ID, affiliate user email, date, sale amount, commission and whether or not the sale is approved.

Sale information can also be edited by clicking on the edit link, while new sales can be added manually from the 'View Sales' section and certain IP addresses can be excluded from reports.

Add Sale Record
Use this section to manually add sale records for your affiliate users. Affiliate user, affiliate program and sales amount are required fields.
IMPORTANT: If you leave the date and commission fields blank, the current date will be used, and commission will be calculated based on the affiliate's rates. The system will also give proper commission to the affiliate's referrer.
If you enter information into the date and commission fields, the affiliate's referrer will not be credited. In this case, you will have to manually credit the affiliate user's referrer.
Exclude IP Address
Use this section to add IP addresses to an exclusion list, which will omit all sales from the designated IP address from the sales records search and reports.