Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide


Translating our affiliate software is easy and requires modifying just one file. Follow the steps below to translate our affiliate software into any language:

1. Backup/Rename Language File

  • After you have unzipped the software, be sure to backup the file you will be modifying, so that you can restore your software to its original state if you encounter any problems. To translate the software you will modify the 'english.php' file which is located in lib/langpack inside of your affiliate directory, so you should backup the 'english.php' before making any changes.

  • Once you backup the 'english.php' file, rename it to your language of choice, for example 'francais.php'.

2. Set Correct Locale/Date Settings

  • At the beginning of the language file are the locale/date settings. Be sure to change the following variables to match your language of choice:

  • Each variable has comments next to it, which explain what the variable does/where to find more information.

3. Translate Strings

  • The remainder of the language file is in the following format:

  • Translate the strings to your language of choice and save the file.

4. Choose Language Upon Installation

  • When the program is installed, you will now have an option to select a language on the install page.

  • If you have already installed the program, login to the admin section and navigate to 'System Settings' under 'System Management'. Select your language from the drop-down menu and click update.