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Wufoo The Online Form Builder

Wufoo is an online form building service. It is hosted in the cloud so you don't need any hardware or installations on your server.

Key Features

- Intuitive Drag 'n Drop

- Your Own Look

- Easy to Embed

- Keep Your Data Clean

- Logic & Branching

- Instant Notifications

- Payments Done Right

- 1-2-3 Payment Setup

- Understand Your Data

Over 120 Templates & Themes and many more

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About Omnistar Affiliate

Our software allows you to track sales that come from your affiliates. You will create affiliate programs and provide marketing materials that have a uniuqe id to identify your affiliates so that when sales come in you will know which affiliate sent you the sale.

Integrate Wufoo and Omnistar Affiliate Software

To integrate Omnistar Affiliate Software and Wufoo you will do the following:

1. Click System Settings under System Management.
2. Click Third Party Integration.
3. Now, click Wufoo Integration.
4. Copy the callback url and handshake key provided in this section.
5. In your Wufoo account, go to the form you wanted integrated with the affiliate software.
6. Now, click Notifications.
7. The third box allows you to add notifications to another application.
8. From the dropdown select Webhook.
9. Click Add Integration.
10. Now, enter the callback url and handshake key provided in your affiliate software.

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