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Why We Developed Omnistar Affiliate

The Omnistar Affiliate software was developed because of the basic need that we saw in the industry for a user friendly software that can be used to manage multiple affiliate programs from one interface. Based on feedback that we received from clients that used other solutions, we noted that most people complained about the complexity and difficulty in using the other solutions. Upon doing some research, we found that most people managing these affiliate programs are not technical people, therefore they need an intuitive and user friendly solution that includes plenty of documentation. From these basic needs, we developed the Omnistar Affiliate software. Our entire goal is to make sure our customers are successful with their affiliate programs, because if they are successful, then we are successful.

How We Do It

Founded in 2000, Omnistar Interactive has been providing web based solutions to businesses worldwide. Our client base ranges from fortune 500 companies such as Xerox to small businesses with under 10 clients. Our core team of developers, support staff and sales persons work collaboratively to insure that all of our customers receive the absolute best product and service. Over the years, we have streamlined our processes so that all of our customers receive our devoted attention. All of these things have been possible from the strong leadership that exists in our company. From the upper level executive staff to management all the way down to the frontline support techs, everyone that works for Omnistar truly understands our vision and our mission to provide the very best products and services.

What We do

The Omnistar Affiliate software is one of the many successful web based solutions from Omnistar Interactive. Our entire goal when developing any of our solutions has been to make it so easy to use, that any non-technical person can successfully use the software. Everyday we strive to make more and more improvements to the software so that it becomes better and better. To make this goal a reality, we actively solicit feedback from our customers so that we stay on the pulse of their needs. It is only through this interactive dialogue that we can implement those features that make sense to our customers. It is our customers that drive our development process and make sure that our software has the most desired components and features.

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