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Why OSI Affiliate Software is the Best Alternative for Post Affiliate Pro Software

Thinking of making the switch to Omnistar or one of the other Post Affiliate Pro competitors?

We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you. Below, you'll find information to help you compare Omnistar and Post Affiliate Pro, including features, customer experiences, pricing and thoughts from current Omnistar customers who have made the switch. We hope this helps … Watch this video to see how you can grow your business with Omnistar Affiliate Software.

Best Referral Competitor For Post Affiliate Pro

Omnistar has a great referral system that helps you engage with customers and make them work for you.

Our competitive pricing gets you access to a number of features that either meet or beat the competitors. Unlike other services on the market, there are no surprise fees. You pretty much get what you ask for by paying the monthly fee. You won't incur a special fee for using the service and they do not charge any transaction fees for your products.

Free Integration For Post Affiliate Pro Customers

When you think of software integration, you automatically believe that it takes a bunch of coding you don't understand.

However, Omnistar believes in easy integration that you can do within minutes. It saves you a lot of time and money from hiring someone to write code and actually integrate the software. The instructions are shown step by step on the website to help you make your returns quicker. Additionally, we have a dedicated team that helps our customers set-up and integrate the software. FOR FREE.

Free Phone, Email, Integration and Migration For Post Affiliate Customers

OSI Affiliate offers support in case you run into any walls. You can find our support number on the site to get in touch with any experts on an issue you want fixed. Along with multiple resources (blog posts, videos, etc.), you'll get training on not only implementing an affiliate program but also how to sustain it. You can find expert advice from webinars, podcasts, and interviews all for free on our customer portal.

Integrate OSI Affiliate with Favorite App

OSI Affiliate Software integrates with all the major eCommerce applications. You can integrate OSI Affiliate with Shopify, Bigcommerce, MailChimp, Leadpages, and many more. See all our integrations and technology partners here.

Low Monthly Cost with No Transaction Fees

When choosing the right affiliate tracking software, you need to consider the price. Most affiliate software are priced based on the total number of transactions, plus features, and some even take a percentage of the sales. This is really confusing and in the end it will cost you more to run the program. OSI Affiliate's pricing is based only on the total number of monthly tracking requests and total number of affiliates.

In 13 Years we have created
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We have tracked more than 5 million transactions worth over $1 billion.

Omnistar Affiliate has been great for my business, it has helped me gain helpful affiliates willing to promote my business. The software is easy to set up and customize and looks a lot better than most other affiliate solutions out there. It was easy enough to integrate into my system and the documentation is very in depth and helpful.

Wasim Khamlichi
Wasim Khamlichi

By using omnistar affiliate software, we are able to track and pay affiliates that would have been impossible by hand. With our pricing structure, no two people's service is the same. Omnistar Affiliate lets us make sure our affiliate team is provided the best service possible.

Eric Counts
Eric Counts

We use the Affiliation program for promoting our CRM. By creating affiliates that promote our product, and by having great sale margins we make sure everyone gets the most of what they do.

Josephus Callaars
Josephus Callaars

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