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Highrise Affiliate Software

Highrise is a web-based contact manager that allows you to easily manage all your business contacts. Whether it is a new lead, a customer, or a contact, highrise stores all their information and you will have it ready the next time you are doing business with them.

Key Features

- A person's history on one page

- Add tasks and get things done

- Track deals, proposals, and leads

- Quickly add people to Highrise

- All of your contacts in one place

- Your latest activity is all in one place

- Color combos to suit your taste

About Omnistar Affiliate

Our software allows you to track sales that come from your affiliates. You will create affiliate programs and provide marketing materials that have a uniuqe id to identify your affiliates so that when sales come in you will know which affiliate sent you the sale.

Integrate Highrise and Omnistar Affiliate Software

To integrate Omnistar Affiliate Software and Highrise you will do the following:

1. In your affiliate software, click System Settings under System Management.

2. Click Third Party Integration.

3. Now, click Highrise Integration.

4. Check the box that says "Use Highrise".

5. Enter your Highrise URL. Your Highrise URL is the url which points to the
address where your Highrise account is located. For example,

6. Enter your Highrise API token. (You can get your API token from your Highrise account in the My Info section
under Account & Settings)

7. Click Update.

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