9 Tips to Boost Your Affiliate Strategy in 2020

By tariehk
9 Tips to Boost Your Affiliate Strategy in 2020

Running an affiliate marketing program is one of the ideal ways to promote your business and boost sales. But to get the most from this strategy, you need to apply tips and tricks that work. When you’re able to harness this strategy’s full potential, never will you consider any other marketing strategy for your business.

Numbers don’t lie, a gigantic industry worth over 12 billion dollars. If you want to be on top of your game, this marketing strategy is one you should never overlook. Due to the potentials, about one-third of marketers are hungrily mining this goldmine to grow their business.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

If this is your first time on this platform, then you probably need to understand the model of this strategy and how it works. Affiliate marketing is known by many as performance-based marketing.

With this strategy, brands or business partners with individuals or organizations called affiliates for promotion purposes. When these affiliates refer targeted customers to the brand, the brand pays a commission.

Talking about the commission, this varies depending on the brand and what they consider value. Some brands might need to build their email list or compel a customer to order a product. If you must achieve this, there are processes this potential customer has to pass through.

It could from reading a blog post, signing up for the newsletter, and finally ordering a product. When a visitor fails to complete processes deem valuable by the brand, they don’t pay for it. When you think about it, it makes sense and saves you tons of money.

Instead of running some program that just drives traffic that might be useless, affiliate marketing tends to refer targeted users who are more likely to take action and complete the tasks. If you’re not yet using affiliate marketing to build your brand, you’re missing enormous opportunities.

Without wasting further time, here are tips that additional help boost your affiliate strategy.

1.  Choose The Right Affiliate

When it comes to choosing your affiliates, there are lots and lots of them. If you want to get the most from your strategies, you must select the right member for your brand. Since affiliate marketing allows you to utilize the power of influence, it makes sense to choose an affiliate that represents your business.

You need to work with an affiliate that understands your target market and their buying decisions. Choose someone who is already known in the industry with an engaged audience that trusts them. If the member has an impressive following based on views and engagement, then go ahead by all means.

A blogger that gets ten visitors a day can’t make an impact on your affiliate campaigns. No matter how incredible your sales copies are or how beautiful the landing page is, you won’t get any hit. What you need is lots of targeted traffic of people who are most likely to engage with your brand.

2. Use Influencers

Influencers are amazing, and they can turn a failing business into a mega booming company within seconds. Imagine if you’re able to couple affiliate marketing with influencer marketing. No doubt, the result will be monumental.

However, you need to choose the right kind of influencer to witness such exponential growth. There are different types of influencers, and the micro-influencers could help. These are often influencers with over 100,000 followers on their social handle.

Also, you want to make sure that the influencer works in a niche similar to yours. That way, their audience will be much interested in trying out your offers. If your brand is big enough, go ahead and work with the big influencers.

If you’re in the fashion industry and want to serve the Zen generation, Justin Bieber is there to make them go gaga. The more followers an influencer has, the more reach and engagement your campaign will get. So, factors like reach and engagement often determine the price. But with affiliate marketing, you’re paying the influencer for every value she offers.

3. Personalize Communication

Another great tip to boost your affiliate marketing strategy is to personalize your communication with customers. By using reliable email software, you can personalize emails sent to subscribers. How you’re able to connect with them often determines if they will order or not.

Calling them by name on the subject line isn’t where personalization ends. There are numerous other mediums, like encouraging them to continue the good work after a payout is created. There are ways to go around this, like adding merge tags and information about a product and service.

Brands who have succeeded in creating these personalized communications never struggle to convert subscribers to customers. When you send out birthday greetings during your subscribers’ birthdays, you create a more personal bond that will be hard to severe by little competition.

4. An Incentive For The Affiliate To Recruit Other Affiliates

If you want to create a robust affiliating marketing program, you need to consider sub-affiliates as part of your strategy. Suppose your incentives are attractive and in relation to the revenue of your brand. In that case, you will be able to amass lots of affiliates.

Giving your affiliates a higher commission to invite more members is a strategy that never fails. Do this well, and you’ll be able to create one of the most robust affiliate programs in your industry, or perhaps in the world.

When meddling with this strategy, ensure that you’re not offering more than your business can afford. The incentive has to be in relation to the business’s revenue. Perhaps as the business grows, the incentives grow too.

By incorporating this in your affiliate program, you will create a network of passionate affiliates who care for and want the best for your business. Well, if your business benefits them, they will do anything to keep you existing.

5. Keep An Eye On The Analytics

Many businesses often ignore the performance metrics after successfully setting up an affiliate program. As long as they see the traffic coming, they never bother to know where the traffic is coming from or the affiliate responsible.

When you have detailed knowledge about your affiliate program’s performance, it helps you make better decisions that allow you to optimize. Through a simple click, you can find out the affiliate that performs better and those not performing at all.

To ensure growth, you will have to eliminate underperforming affiliates and recruits better ones. Through the analytic, you find out which products or services are getting the most attention. Information such as this will help you to create more of these products or services in the future.

Not monitoring the analytic is like a pilot flying without knowledge of his location or destination. The analytic is like your navigator and radar, the eyes you use to observe your environment. Imagine what happens when you’re blind while on air. No doubt, the crash won’t be funny!

6.  A Dedicated Affiliate Program Page

Another vital tip to help you build a better affiliate marketing program is your landing page. You need a page where you detail how the affiliate works and the benefits.

You may have seen such pages with a call to action, which is to become an affiliate. By having something similar, you create a funnel through which customers can even become affiliates.

You also want to make sure that this landing page can easily be accessed from the homepage. An ideal place to have it is on your website’s homepage, around the footer or header. To make it visible, you could create a distinct block on the homepage, talking about your affiliate program.

In that case, you’re marketing both your products, services, and your affiliate program. It’s like killing two birds with a stone.

7. Guest Post On Popular Sites

If your website is relatively new, it will take some time for Google to start showering you with traffic. To start ranking on a search engine, you must have contributed to your website for at least a year.

Through guest blogging, you expose your brand without having to depend on search engines. Imagine if you’re able to guest post on ten blogs in your niche.

If these guest posts link back to your pages, you’ll be ranking without many hassles in no distant time. Don’t just write guest posts for writing sake. If possible, make sure it is your best post.

Also, guest posts only for popular blogs with impressive authority. That way, they give both quality backlinks and some traffic too.

8. Be Smart With Popups

Popups can save you from losing a potential customer, but you have to do it right. That entails ensuring it appears where actions are likely to be taken.

A tip that always works is to make it appear when a visitor reaches a specific part on the page. It could be toward the end, or when the mouse hovers toward the exit page.

Include a call to action on your popups, and offer something irresistible. When you design your popups well, your call to action will stand out, thereby leading to conversion.

Finally, do not forget to include values or benefit they tend to derive from such action. That way, they have a reason to opt for such an offer.

Suppose you can’t control how your pop appears and where it behaves, please leave it out of your marketing strategy. If not well set up, it can become an annoying element on your website.

But a well-crafted pop never fails to convert a visitor to a regular customer.

9.  Write Great Case Studies About Your Products

Everyone in your niche is probably writing reviews, using the most creative ways possible. But what if you could beat them? How would you do that? – Case studies!

Unlike some generic reviews that take what’s already online, your case study should be from a unique perceptive. Through case studies, you make it more personal, more relating.

Since you’ve used your product, you can give a more useful review than someone who gets details from the internet. You’ll be able to write the upside, the unique features, and overall experience and value.

When you tackle a topic from a unique approach, there is every likelihood that it will rank impressively on a search engine. Also, your strategy will compel people to take action at the end.

When it comes to reviews, the best are often videos. That way, the user can get a feel of the product and how it works. Imagine a product like a car; indeed, only a video will do justice to such a product.

Bonus Tip: Automate Email Marketing

Aha! Here is a bonus tip for you. After reading to this point, you sure deserve a little treat.

Since you’re running an affiliate marketing blog, having automated emails is the way to go. Some actions or inaction often trigger these automated emails.

When someone abandons a cart, a mail can be triggered that tries to win the potential customer. When someone signs up for the first time, there is a welcome message.

You can even send automated birthday wishes to your subscribers. That way, you show interest in significant events of their life. There are lots of email software that you can use to achieve this.

Although most of them aren’t free, they are worth every penny. MailChimp is worth a trial since it’s open until you’ve hit 2000 subscribers. Other alternatives include Constant Contact, SendinBlue, Drip, etc.


If you want to get the most from your affiliate marketing campaigns, you need to use the right tips. That way, you’re able to maximize more growth and revenue for your business.

Running an affiliate marketing program isn’t rocket science, not geeky in any way. All you need is a great affiliate marketing software like Osiaffiliate to begin.

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