10 Best Health Affiliate Programs

By Steven Warner
10 Best Health Affiliate Programs

There are affiliate programs for almost every industry and field. Affiliates make money by promoting the company’s products or services to their audience, friends, family members, blog followers, etc. 

Health and fitness enthusiasts can join a health affiliate program with companies. There are many great benefits of joining a health affiliate program including making money from home while building your own business. 

If you’re looking for some health affiliate programs, here are some of the best ones. 


Track your activity whether you’re a professional athlete or an active person of any age, Fitbit helps you take control and stay motivated. Get real-time stats on steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and more. Use the type of device best for your needs; from the classic Fitbit tracker to full smartwatches with heart rate monitors.

If you’re a fan of the Fitbit and want to make some money, then this is the program for you. For every sale that comes through from your website or social media page using our links, we will give you 3% commission per sale! You’ll also be able to earn an extra $5 by referring someone who buys one within 15 days after they sign up as well. Join today and start earning while staying healthy with your favorite activity tracker!


From clean floors to fresh produce, Walgreens is your one-stop shop for all things healthy. Need a flu shot? They’ve got that! A family pack of paper towels? Check the back aisle. Not sure where to go to death penalty with relentless hope and focused intensity on something as vast, important, and controversial as health care reform? You know, just pick up anything from milk or bananas.

Earn up to 2% commission on every sale you make through your links. There’s also a 30-day cookie duration, so the more sales that happen during this period of time, the higher percentage commissions increase for each one! Join today and start earning money even faster than before with Walgreens Affiliate Program .

Health IQ

Don’t know what sounds more appealing to you – saving cash on life insurance, or staying healthy. That’s where Health IQ comes in handy! With the help of their database that includes “health-conscious” people like yourself, it is possible to take advantage of a policy without sacrificing your goals for fasting weight loss, cutting back on harmful habits such as smoking and consuming alcohol excessively. 

Health IQ uses data gathered from millions of health-conscious people to help them save on Life Insurance. Be healthy and be rewarded.

Health IQ has a very generous commission rate of $150 per sale. In addition to that, they offer an extended cookie duration for affiliates who join the program: 30 days! This will give you plenty of time to generate as many sales possible and see your earnings grow without having any worries about it expiring too soon. Join today before this opportunity is gone forever!

CBD Medic

The two types of CBD Medic products. Topical Ointment and Cream are easy to use with all-natural ingredients that won’t irritate your skin or introduce allergens to your bloodstream. 

Their topical ointment provides a rub-on application while the cream is applied directly on sore spots like back aches or arthritis pain. The natural hemp extract ingredients deliver instant relief without harmful side effects—even if you’re allergic to bees!

The soothing CBD formula in the topical treatments is derived from industrial hemp which is grown domestically and acquired legally for Natural Medicine Project activity exclusively.

Join the Affiliate Program and get paid for every sale in one of four commission rates. Cookies last 30 days, so you can track your progress as you go!


Kohl’s takes your health seriously and that’s why we’re proud to offer great values on the products that help you take care of yourself. Choose from a range of skincare, vitamins, and minerals to supplement your diet or improve endocrine function.

Join the Kohl’s Affiliate Program and make a sale, you could earn up to 3% commission on every purchase. Plus as an affiliate store partner with us, we’ll even pay your fees for any sale. You can even get the product from our site and into another retailer like Target or Walmart.

MedExpress UK

MedExpress UK is revolutionizing healthcare by providing the convenience of getting a doctor’s advice online. MedExpress is an internationally-recognized product that caters to patients who are unable or unwilling to wait around at a clinic for hours on end, or those with tight schedules. 

For customers who need medical help and can’t be seen face-to-face due to time constraints, being able to chat remotely via video conferencing offers invaluable assistance. 

Families often have members in different areas of the world which can make it difficult for them all to come together in one room; this service ensures they all get access without having to travel long distances. 

The product’s website states: “No appointments – No waiting rooms.” 

MedExpress UK offers affiliates the opportunity to earn 12.5% from all direct sales and 3% on commissions depending on your affiliate status with them, within 14 days after joining their program; so hurry up & sign-up before you miss out this great deal!

The Vitamin Shoppe

This is considered as America’s leading retailer for health supplements and it aims to never disappoint!

You’ll be able to earn a commission on every sale with The Vitamin Shoppe affiliate program. It doesn’t matter if your customer buys in store or online, as long as they came from you first and are logged into their account before making the purchase, then it will count towards your earnings! 

All of these points make this opportunity attractive for anyone who wants more income outside of a 9% commission: no minimum cookie duration requirements, unknown cookies per referral requirement (likely one), and thousands upon thousands of potential customers just waiting to buy from an educated associate like yourself. 

Waist Shaperz

Waist Shaperz was established to provide customers with comfort, style and enhanced confidence. We believe in the importance of accepting your size while still being fashionable, which is why we focus on outstanding customer service and delivering quality shapewear products that are perfect for all shapes and sizes. 

Whether you’re living a busy lifestyle or don’t have time to go to the gym, our waist shapers will help you feel comfortable at any occasion throughout their day. When it comes to affordable fashion like this shapewear line there isn’t any other online store dedicated to making women’s lives just a little bit better!

Waist Shaperz is an innovative company that has a product for every woman! Their products help you lose weight, get in shape and feel confident. They even have their own affiliate program where they reward your hard work with 8% commission per sale – not to mention 90 days of cookie duration time on all sales made through our website or social media channels. Join them today and start earning extra money while helping other women look great!

Quantum Energy Squares

These energy bars are enough to keep you going without the side effects of a sugar crash. Quantum Energy Squares is available in two flavors, Cocoa Mocha and Salted Caramel Pretzel. At 10 bars per box means they last even the hardest worker throughout their day and into nighttime. 

Quantum Energy Squares is an affiliate program that offers a commission rate of 35% per new customer sale. Cookie duration for this company’s offer varies, but they do not have any information on the website about it at the moment. If you want to join their Affiliate Program and earn some cash from your links, then head over there now!


Medifast is the best way to lose that extra weight with tasty and flavorful meal plans. Lose up to 10 pounds in two weeks without breaking your diet

Our innovative program has 7 day or 13 day meal plans available for men, women, vegetarians, people looking for gluten free options, diabetics and more!

Medifast has been proven time and again as an effective way to lose weight quickly without feeling hungry or deprived with up to 20% commission on each sale!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post on health affiliate programs and found it valuable. If so, please share it with your friends or family members who might be interested in this topic.

By Steven Warner

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