Best Woocommerce Affiliate Plugin (Updated Aug 2022)

By Sammie Brown
Best Woocommerce Affiliate Plugin (Updated Aug 2022)

Do you want to make money online? Making money from your blog can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. 

There are many ways to make cash from your blog, and one of the best is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you promote another product or service on your site in exchange for some commission. It’s an easy way to monetize your content without creating products of your own like eBooks, courses, etc. 

Here are some tools that can help you in your affiliate marketing journey.

OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is software used by OSI affiliates to sell services. It integrates with various tools, such as CRMs, signup forms, payment gateways, and email marketing platforms. These are the only necessary things for an affiliate to succeed since it takes care of commissions and integration for all of your customers. 

Pongo Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a way for an individual or company to make money. You are rewarded for any purchase made by the people you refer to specific retailers partnered with an affiliate marketing website. You can choose just about any merchant. But most affiliates promote digital products because of their instant gratification potential. It is where downloads often take only seconds to complete after clicking on a link. The tool can easily track ads, and conversions are relatively easy to measure.

Pongo Affiliate is an example of an affiliate network that has quality affiliates at various niche verticals.

Affiliate & Referral Marketing by BOLD

The word “affiliate” is a general term for people who wants to sell a company’s product and services. They may market and promote a product or service offered by others on either a cost or commission-based system. They then receive compensation in return.

Typically, affiliate marketers are not employed by the affiliate’s company. Instead, they sign up as affiliates and agree to its terms and conditions. 

Affiliate and Referral Marketing by Bold allows online store owners to integrate an affiliate or referral marketing system into their business.

Sales Team

The sales team is an excellent tool for recruiting affiliates to your business. It allows you to build your own sales team tasked to sell your product. 

Individuals might be commissioned employees or paid on a performance-based system, such as commission or profits sharing. 

AAA ‑ Affiliate Marketing PRO

AAA stands for Affiliate Marketing Pro. It is an affiliate marketers system that businesses can use to grow with affiliates.

We’ve all heard about affiliate marketers being able to make money from home by simply promoting other people’s businesses. It is easy, doesn’t require any capital investment, and has a minimal start-up cost VS other out-of-the-box ventures such as franchises or chain restaurants. By simply using tools like AAA, you can empower your audience to become your affiliates.


LinkTrack is a link tracking service allowing you to see who has clicked on your links and what they did after that. 

LinkTrack tracks ads and helps marketers find the traffic they’re generating through affiliate marketing campaigns. It lets them know if their customers visit something before clicking off-site. With one of the most potent tracking programs available in this industry, Link Track can even track Google Adwords campaigns if you want them to. 

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate marketing software that allows you to track, manage, and optimize your affiliate marketing programs. It provides real-time insights into your affiliate marketing performance so you can make data-driven decisions about where to invest your marketing dollars.

This software has been helping online businesses for years now. Over 10,000 companies in more than 150 countries use this tool to increase their sales and profits. The software is simple enough for a beginner to use and powerful enough for an experienced marketer to maximize their results.


Awin is a global affiliate marketing network. It connects advertisers, agencies, and publishers worldwide with an extensive range of online advertising and publishing solutions.

Awin’s extensive reach enables its publishers to drive incremental revenue from their existing website traffic and develop new sources of income through the use of Awin’s unique tools and services. Meanwhile, its deep relationships with advertiser partners provide both sides with access to exclusive data and insights for their user’s benefit. They can then use these data to optimize their campaigns.

Tap Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing. A company rewards its affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. It also empowers your customers to become your own sales team, and they get a commission for every sale they close.

The Tap affiliate program provides unique links to share with your social media followers, website visitors, and email subscribers. It gives you a system where people can sign up and become your affiliates or referrals. From there, you can set up the rewards and commissions. Plus, they offer real-time reporting to see how your campaigns are performing and track your affiliate commissions. It is all automated, and you can see everything in one dedicated dashboard.

Referral Rock

Referral Rock is an affiliate partner program that helps you convert your audience into dollars by partnering with merchants.

Referral Rock is an easy, effective way to become a passive income stream. It’s simple–you show our audience products they are interested in and receive payment on every conversion.

 We want to know what your favorite affiliate app is and why you love it! Comment below with the name of your preferred app and a brief explanation for why you chose it. It will be interesting to see which apps are most popular among our readers. 

If you need help choosing an affiliate app that’s best suited for your needs, we’re here to help! Comment below, and we’ll be happy to help.

By Sammie Brown

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