81 Best Blog Post Ideas and Brainstorming Tips

By Lamont Benson
81 Best Blog Post Ideas and Brainstorming Tips

1. How did you start your career, and how did you get where you are today?

2. What marketing tips worked for you, and what did not?

3. What is your daily routine? Give the readers an insight into your everyday life.

4. Tell the readers about your personal or business values. What sets your business apart from your competitors?

5. Discuss a problem that can be solved by using your product or service.

6. Tell the readers about something that you have learned recently and helped you in self-improvement.

7. How do you spend your time traveling?

8. What keeps you moving, what is your motivation?

9. What helped you to be creative?

10. Which books did you find helpful? Make a list.

11. Talk about your customers’ experience of using your product or service.

12. List all your goals this year, and put in place a strategy to achieve them.

13. How do you plan to achieve your current goals?

14. Talk about the goals that you set in the last year. What progress did you make while achieving them?

15. Where do you see yourself in the next 25 years?

16. How are you using social media to grow your business?

17. Write an ultimate guide to your product or service.

18. Compile a list of jokes relatable to your niche.

19. Compile a list of the best inspirational quotes about your niche.

20. Recently watched a good movie? Pick something from it and tie it to a topic related to your niche.

21. What are the things that get you distracted from your goal? How do you tackle them?

22. Compile a list of the most frequently asked questions from your customers, along with their answers.

23. Are you scared of something? If yes, then what is it?

24. What fears did you have in the past, and how did you overcome them?

25. Give people tips and bits of advice to be successful in your niche.

26. How do you bond with your business team?

27. What are the technologies that will have the most significant impact on your industry?

28. Tell your readers about your experiences when you were new in the business. What did you learn from them?

29. What are the critical questions that people should ask you, but they are not?

30. Which hobbies will help you to become successful in your niche?

31. Make a list of top tweets by industry’s top experts in your niche.

32. Share success stories of influential people in your niche.

33. Separate the ground realities from fairy tales in your industry.

34. Write a blog about your industry’s history.

35. What are the things that need explaining in your industry?

36. Interview a leader or an influencer in your industry.

37. Talk about the latest trends in the industry.

38. Tell your readers about the environment of your company.

39. Help your readers come up with different ideas for the office gift exchange.

40. Tell your readers about the importance of meditation.

41. Make a list of the best blogs written by you.

42. Share any funny posts or videos that can relate to your niche.

43. Tell your readers about an exciting experience when you were traveling.

44. Tell your readers about ways they can improve their mental health at the office.

45. Explain the things you needed to consider before starting your business.

46. Share exciting stories from the early years of your career.

47. Share your plans about your business for this calendar year.

48. Compile interesting infographics related to your niche.

49. Create a challenge for your readers on your blog.

50. Share your advice on how to get business investors on board.

51. If there are holidays on the corner, tell them how you plan to spend them.

52. Conduct different surveys on your customers and share the results.

53. Tell your audience how to promote a business through digital marketing.

54. Tell your audience the do’s and don’ts when launching a business related to your industry.

55. Have you attended an event related to your industry? Tell your readers about it.

56. Tell your audience the story behind your company’s name or logo.

57. Share inspiring stories of your team members.

58. Is there something related to the industry that is bothering you? Tell your audience about it.

59. Write a Myth vs. Fact post related to your industry.

60. Tell your audience about different charity organizations and NGOs that you support.

61. Create a post that inspires your audience to think out of the box.

62. Tell what your company is currently working on.

63. Tell the audience about the greatest success of your life.

64. What are the things that make you happy?

65. How to practice self-gratitude?

66. Compare your products and services with your competitors.

67. Compile the top customer testimonials and reviews and share them with your audience.

68. Share the biggest mistakes that you have made and what you learned from them.

69. Tell your company’s vision and what you expect from your employees.

70. Compile a list of ultimate hacks that you have learned over the years related to your industry and share them with your readers.

71. Tell them about your go-to applications and software.

72. Compile a list of your favorite apps, blogs, and websites.

73. Tell your audience about a piece of advice that has helped you a lot. Who shared that advice?

74. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you like to meet?

75. Tell your audience how your weekends are like.

76. Tell your readers about your fitness regime.

77. What skills should someone develop if he wants to go into your career?

78. Tell your readers about your favorite fictional character. How are you both alike?

79. What are your favorite YouTube channels that you follow?

80. What is the best gift that you have ever received? Tell your audience why you like it the most?

81. What is your favorite dish?

By Lamont Benson

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