5 Best Clearscope Alternatives for Optimizing Content and Boosting Rankings

By Lamont Benson
5 Best Clearscope Alternatives for Optimizing Content and Boosting Rankings

What is the alternative of clear scope, and what competitor is that you should consider? We have compiled a list of the 5 best options you must look for before settling for the particular clear scope alternative. These days, there is a lot of competition in the market, which further leads to difficulty in ranking the content. The algorithm is no longer based on the full provision of the content, but it is based on relevant and high-quality content.

What is a Clearscope, And What is So Good About It?

Clearscope is the artificial intelligence technology that helps with producing relevant content. Most people already know that now the content’s ranking is not based on producing keyword-stuffed content, but it is more based on data-driven results and relevance. This is the software that assesses the comprehensiveness of the content. It also scans the target keywords and provides you with a better perspective on Search Engine Optimisation.


  • Excellent quality content provision
  • This software will rework and update the old content
  • Easily integrated with WordPress
  • Get the reports and save them for better assessment


  • Limited data that is available from the keyword research tool
  • It does not help with adding backlinks

5 Clearscope Alternative

Below we have compiled a list of apparent scope alternatives that you should know about.

Surfer SEO

The number one alternative of clear scope is the surfer SEO. It offers excellent analysis and helps with a further breakdown of the factors that will help you rank your content on the first page. It helps with average word count and also helps you to understand the keyword density. There is a tool that will help you learn about the page speed, and it will also help you add the alt text. This will also help you with adding the backlinks, and also you can find out the LSI keywords. It is a lot better in providing better pricing and even better functioning.


  • Unique and excellent data
  • Help with quick and easy editing of the content
  • he price range is minimal


  • The keyword tool is not expensive


The topic is another one of the artificial intelligence Technology software that will help you with a better understanding of the content. It will help in improving the content and learning about the keyword guidelines. Moreover, this excellent functioning software will help you in finding the relevant keywords for your content. It has the ability to provide the appropriate title and description to your content just the way you want.


  • Relevant topics and content provision
  • Accurate data provided from semrush
  • In-depth research for the content


  • Does not have any particular technical tool for Search Engine Optimisation
  • Does not identify the issues in the published content

Semrush Content Assistant

Semrush is a popular content assistant that is known for its instant suggestions. It will not only help you with the content, but also it will provide you an extensive amount of information regarding the keyword density and other details. This one will also provide you the perfect Idea regarding the content and also regarding the keyword. You can quickly get the browser plugin, and the pricing and the plan is also not the most expensive one. Usually, the pro plan of a semrush writing assistant will cost you 119.95 dollars for a month.


  • Easily integrated with the WordPress plugin
  • Real-time analysis of the content
  • Helps with keyword research
  • Analyses the overall readability


  • The user interface is not easy to navigate
  • Does not have any capacities to save the template


Dash word is another expensive yet straightforward tool that you can use for content assistance. It can provide you an average of 10 results with excellent Search Engine Optimisation and also the LSI keywords that you want. It has a simple interface and also offers a flat subscription for $90 for a month. Over up to 5 users can access it. It is definitely the easiest to use based on the navigation that helps you with easy and straightforward copy-pasting options.


  • Simple and easy tool for keyword research
  • Helps with optimizing the content
  • Clean and intuitive interface


  • It does not help with adding assistance
  • Only provide on-page assistance with no content brief option

Searchmetrics Content Experience

While you are looking for an alternate for clearscope, you must also know about the search metric content experience. This one is definitely one of the best options that you will come across. Not only it encourages relevant content based on Optimisation, but also it helps with trusted keyword Research and top quality ranking options. It is an affordable choice that helps you with quick and easy Optimisation. The monthly plan will only cost you $69 per month. It is definitely a great choice to consider, and there is also a free trial available that you can explore. Just make sure you are using it appropriately. Most of the content writers use this platform. It is an excellent content writing tool for a better experience.


  • Provide assistance with focused and unique content
  • Protect the content and checks for duplicate content
  • Helps with incorporating the keyword in the right content


  • The user interface is not the easiest to navigate
  • Limited keyword filter options


While you are in search of the best clear scope alternative, you can find a lot of different options. We have compiled five different options in the list above. However, we will recommend you to go for the surface so not only because of the excellent functioning but also for a much more advanced feature. It is excellent for marketers and also content writers. The extensive range of features that it comes with is exceptional. Moreover, it provides you just the right amount of assistance with the content that you need.

By Lamont Benson

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