How To Set Up Wix Affiliate Program in 2021

By Marki Richardson
How To Set Up Wix Affiliate Program in 2021

Running an online business might seem daunting sometimes, which happens when you lack specific tools that make running your Wix website easy and profitable. Affiliate marketing is a process where a party earns a commission from marketing the products and services of another company. This individual, called the affiliate, makes money entirely by selling products and services that aren’t theirs.

For a successful partnership, companies provide a unique link, known as an affiliate link, which can track the affiliate’s performance and disburse commission based on their sales number. If this is your first time learning about Wix, a quick introduction won’t hurt.

What Is Wix?

Wix prides itself as a leader when it comes to website creation. They have a powerful technology that allows users to get online with an impressive and professional looking web presence. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time, as you can easily find features and solutions of what you need to build a unique and professional-looking website.

The platform currently provide to over 180 million users in over 190 countries, making it one of the world’s most prominent website builders. With Wix stores, you can sell your products and services online without any hurdles.

Can An Affiliate Program With Wix Help Me Get More Sales?

Affiliate marketing aims to recruit users who will, in turn, market your products and services to your target market. According to research, word of mouth or friends and family’s recommendations are often more effective than traditional ads.

By utilizing an affiliate program to market your products, you will undoubtedly notice an incredible surge in sales and traffic. As long as rewards or commission is reasonable and attractive, you will never have issues getting people to join your program.

The more affiliates market your products and services to their social circle, the more sales, traffic, subscribers you’re able to get. The best part is, it isn’t as costly to run compared to PPC marketing.

Best Software To Use For My Affiliate Program With Wix

You can use numerous software to run your affiliate marketing program, and most of them can be free or either paid. So, here are a few lists that will skyrocket your Wix store and make you more money in the long run.

1.  OSI Affiliate Software

The number one affiliate software you mustn’t joke with is OSI Affiliate. The reason is that it has been used by thousands of marketers who attest to its sophisticated features. It comes with a detailed reporting system and tremendous support when you do need help with your business. Although this software isn’t free, it offers value for money, going by the mind-boggling premium features you will never found on other affiliate marketing software.

2. Post Affiliate Pro

This affiliate software helps eCommerce sites to track and monitor their affiliate program without any confusion. Since online businesses need more users to become successful in business, this affiliate software become the best channel to pull a targeted audience. 

It doesn’t matter how many members a company has, as Post Affiliate Pro can help carter many members. Also, it allows you to track everything in your program, including payouts, when transactions are completed.

3. iDevAffiliate

This software was developed primarily to track and manage commissions resulting from your affiliate program. It also allows you to manage your payment structure and commission, with lots of incredible features that make affiliate marketing a manageable strategy. 

Some of these features include payouts, reports, marketing templates, billing, and a shopping cart. They can even be configured to recurring, PPC, percentage-based, PPA, or PPC.

4. Link Trust

This software is regarded as a lead generation tool, an affiliate marketing tool designed to help optimize affiliate campaigns. It still provides real-time reports and analytics, allowing businesses to monitor and make the best decision regarding their business. 

Many people and companies use Link Trust, most especially advertising agencies, marketing firms, networks, and affiliates. If you’re looking for a sophisticated tool that can help you optimize and manage your campaign, Link Trust is your best deal.

5. Leaddyno

With this affiliate marketing tool, you don’t ever have to worry about your marketing program’s automation and operations. You can track where your leads are coming from, and even recruit more affiliates, and help them reach their goals. It comes with many features, like the link-sharing button, which helps create more awareness. After signing up, you can personalize your sign up page to what matches your business.

Will An Affiliate Program With Wix Help Me Get More Traffic?

An affiliate program aims to help businesses and individuals drive targeted traffic to their products and services. Through this strategy, companies can sell more of their products and services. Since people are likely to take actions of recommendation from a familiar face, it makes affiliate marketing the best route to get your products and services to the right audience.

4 Advantages To Having A Referral Program With Wix

1. Customers Trust Referrals

One of the main reasons marketers love affiliate marketing is because of its ease of convictions.  Since people are less likely to act on traditional ads, using their friends and families becomes an ideal strategy.

2. Increase Marketing Reach

Referral marketing helps businesses and individuals to increase their reach by using their customers. Compared to traditional ads, affiliate marketing’s potential reach is mind-boggling and proves to be one of the best routes to marketing.

3. Automation

Another advantage why marketers love affiliate marketing is the ease of running one. Most of the vital actions are automated, like allocating points to affiliate, while your loyal customers do the major work.

4. Increased Engagement

Increase engagement is a good sign and helps your business to achieve more visibility online. A customer who refers a friend is likely to visit your website more frequently to claim a reward or perhaps look for other products to market.

Wix users can now set up affiliate programs without any technical difficulties. All that you need is to discover your ideal affiliate marketing software and strive to recruit your customers into being affiliates. With this marketing strategy, there is no limit to what you can achieve. If you’re in doubt, Amazon should be your proof.

By Marki Richardson

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