Influencers and Ephemeral Marketing: The Perfect Place for Brave Marketers

By Marki Richardson
Influencers and Ephemeral Marketing: The Perfect Place for Brave Marketers

The fact that the digital marketing world is in constant movement and development is no secret to anyone. However, 2020 showed everyone just how fluid and versatile online marketing could become through the use of influencers and ephemeral marketing. And the shift from content and email marketing to the influencer approach is still not complete. Mainly because the first type of marketing gives marketers more control and has more metrics, it becomes clear that the digital marketing world can make a much larger impact through ephemeral marketing and the right influencers. In this article, we’re going to look at the advantages brought by choosing the path of influencer marketing campaigns and ephemeral marketing.


Authenticity with Impact Through Influencer Marketing

The digital marketing world, and especially the modern customer, has changed a lot compared to 20 years ago. Playing a Book of Ra on your mobile is a lot different than shopping at the newly opened supermarket in your area. Nowadays, people won’t just get a product because a big star promotes it or because an expert recommends it. The amount of research done by customers shows that they would much rather buy a product when it’s promoted by an influencer that has strong links with the domain or industry the product represents. So, creating a powerful, authentic, bond between the person promoting the product and her audience is the thing that makes these campaigns a lot stronger compared to PPC, for example.

When you choose this specific marketing channel, you’re relying much on the connection between the influencer and the audience. That’s why you need to make sure you always find an influencer that covers a domain close to what your product or service is offering. To give you the perfect example, the world’s most popular PewDiePie managed to transform Flappy Bird into a world phenomenon after sharing the game on one of his streams.

What About the Ephemeral Marketing Strategy?

If you’re not familiar with the concept of ephemeral marketing, let’s start by defining this unique marketing strategy first. Just like the name suggests, ephemeral marketing is mainly done through images or videos that are only accessible for a brief period. Platforms such as Snapchat made ephemeral marketing possible, and it transformed the entire concept into a phenomenon as many influencers turned to this form of advertising. The idea takes advantage of the FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomenon, and the aim is to generate an immediate response from the user. Recently, other social media platforms included the possibility of ephemeral marketing through stories.

Now that we defined the concept of ephemeral marketing, let’s check out the advantages of going for such a marketing campaign.

The main advantage of such a marketing campaign is the increased instant response you get when you target your product properly. Since the stories have a limited duration and they are only valid for a limited period, there are bigger chances a viewer will decide to check out your product on the spot. Another advantage that ephemeral marketing brings for marketeers is the lower price you have to pay for an influencer in your niche to display your product. In other words, since it’s not a lengthy clip and the influencer doesn’t even need to star in the ephemeral marketing material, you can expect some lower costs. Also, since the marketing elements of a temporary campaign are tightly linked with the social media account of the influencer, it’s a great opportunity to create a good bond between your product and the audience.

How do Ephemeral Marketing and Influencer Marketing Mix?

Even though we presented these two digital marketing approaches as being separate and it may leave the impression of some sort of competition between them, some of the best results are obtained when these two strategies are combined.

 Please note that you need to know what you’re doing when choosing any of these marketing approaches. When talking about influencers, you need to spend a lot of time figuring out which one works best for your product or service. And when you decide that going with ephemeral marketing is the best idea, don’t forget these two aspects. You will need to spend time finding the right influencer, and you also need to figure out how to capture the very essence of your product in the limited time you can use.

So, while you can easily combine ephemeral and influencer marketing, the main focus remains on choosing the best influencer. Just like in the previous example with PewDiePie, the way you present the product isn’t that important when the influencer is chosen properly and has loads of authority in the right niche for your product.

Since we mentioned how these two marketing strategies mix, it’s good to note some differences. While influencer marketing requires a lot of work before the campaign starts, with finding the influencer and agreeing to all of the details, ephemeral marketing requires a lengthier involvement for a marketeer. You need to stay active on social media, refresh the stories, and connect them with various other events that could boost your reach.

And while these two methods are trending right now and bring the most palpable results in terms of marketing, you shouldn’t completely forsake other methods. Content and email marketing should be kept as support methods for influencer and ephemeral marketing strategies. Automating Twitter is easy you can try out.

We invite all our readers, no matter if they’re involved in the marketing game or not, to share their experiences with both marketing strategies. From ways of combining them, and just about any tip that could help a marketeer figure out the best way to promote their product, we encourage you to share your thoughts.

By Marki Richardson

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