5 Best Marketmuse Alternative

By Marki Richardson
5 Best Marketmuse Alternative

If you are associated with content writing or have a website on which you frequently need to update content, you will know how important it is to have particular software that can help you with the assessment of the content. Now the algorithm has changed, and it does not only require several amounts of content, but it requires you to have high-quality content. For your content to be placed on the first page of Google, your content must be of good quality and relevant. Therefore you must know the appropriate content assessment and keyword Optimization software.

While looking for the best market muse alternative, we have compiled the five best options for you. Below we have the best options compiled for you. Make sure you take a look and then decide which one will work for you the best. Remember that having the perfect artificial intelligence Technology for your content assessment can help you. Still, it is also essential that you produce good quality content so that your content is ranked. 

Best Marketmuse Alternative

Below we have five best options that you must take a look at. Make sure you do not miss out on the best choices.

1. Surfer SEO

The first option that we have is a surfer SEO that will help you with keyword research. It is one of the best alternatives for marketmuse that will provide you a better idea of the content. Moreover, it will also provide you better information for content assistance and keyword research. It has a built-in keyword research tool available that you can use, and also it will help increase the ranking of your content on the Google page. It does not only help you with finding out the keyword but also it provides you an idea for the new content and also you will be getting a good amount of information regarding the keywords that have been used by the competitors and the famous words that are being used.

The good thing about using Surfer SEO is that it provides knowledge regarding keyword density and frequency. Also, it will provide you an idea regarding the average word come. You will be getting the information regarding the speed of the website or the page, and you will be getting all the information you need regarding the characters you need in the title and Alt text.


  • A unique amount of data and built-in SEO tools
  • Helps with better content editing<
  • Available in the perfect value of money


  • The NLP feature is not appropriate
  • The keyword tool is not very extensive 

2. Clearscope

Clearscope is another software that is based on artificial intelligence. It is one of the most famous alternatives for the marketmuse. It not only helps with providing new content management and content editing but also provides you the information regarding the competitor analysis. You can use the keyword tracking option and the user management feature for better keyword editing. Not only that, it will help you with content ranking, and you can easily Audit and check the analytics of the content that has been ranked. Moreover, the pricing is excellent as well.


  • Contains the content grading system
  • Helps with updating old content that has already been published
  • Easy integration with the WordPress


  • It does not help with backlink integration
  • The keyword research tool is the basic one.

3. Semrush

Semrush is another famous option that is being used by most people. It is the ideal option that people used for curating competitive strategies. It provides you the better details and insight regarding the keyword and the content ranking as well. Moreover, it can help you with better keywords with better density and frequency to help you the content very quickly.

Semrush is one of the best keyword research tools that you will come across. It helps with excellent functioning and provides you just the right amount of content Research and competitive analysis options. Make sure you check this option whenever you are looking for the best alternative for marketmuse.


  • Simple and easy competitive comparison
  • Site auditing is excellent
  • Helps with organic keyword research


  • The interface is not the easiest to navigate
  • Quite expensive

4. Ahrefs

Another one of the tools that you will come across is ahrefs SEO tools. This one is another excellent tool that is not only affordable but also provides an extensive range of Keyword options. It will help you in the growth of the website organically. You will be getting a stronghold on the competitor analysis, and the navigation of this tool is super simple and easy. You will be getting a good amount of traffic on your website when using this software for keyword research and content assessment. It provides better Audit and provides you all the essential data that you want to get organic traffic on your website.


  • Contains Google features
  • xtensive keyword research
  • Backlink checker available


  • Does not provide the traffic statistics appropriately
  • The analytical report is not the easiest to read

5. SE Ranking

The last alternative is the ranking that is the all-inclusive software for Search Engine Optimisation. It helps with the ranking of the keyword and the analysis and provides a better idea regarding the keywords. This one will help you with SEO and PPC competitor research as well. Over it has a lot more to offer, including proper research.


  • Helps with easy tracking of the rank
  • The monitor is that changes
  • Provide perfect Auto reports


  • Competitive research is not the most ideal


Now that you have checked some of the best marketmuse alternatives you can easily choose which one will best. If you are looking for our recommendation, we will recommend you to go for the surface so that it is not only incredible in terms of functioning, but the navigation it provides is super easy. The user interface is excellent, along with the easy e help you need for the content assessment.

By Marki Richardson

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