How Moonclerk Users Can Set Up a Referral Program

By Amy Larrison
How Moonclerk Users Can Set Up a Referral Program

Do you have an online store where you want to sell your products or services? Are you using MoonClerk as your payment system? Then this article is just for you. We know how much effort you put into setting up your online store, and it can be quite frustrating if it is not doing much business. For generating revenue on your online store, you need traffic, and in this article, we will tell you how you can create more traffic to your online store with MoonClerk as your payment system

What is MoonClerk?

If you have an online store, you must know that you cannot do business without a payment system integrated into your website. This is where MoonClerk comes in; it is a payment system that will enable you to accept payments, subscriptions, and donations from your users. MoonClerk allows you to create payment forms that your customers can access via direct link or you can also include those forms on your website. 

MoonClerk gives you the independence of customizing your payment forms with different colors, themes, logos, and images. These payment forms can have all the details needed for transferring payments. It also enables you to set up recurring payments, which can be taken weekly monthly, quarterly, annually, or at customized intervals. All in all, MoonClerk makes the payment receiving smooth and gets a lot of burden off your shoulders.

Can a Referral Program with MoonClerk Help Me Get More Sales?

You might have tried many marketing techniques to increase sales for your business. Some might have worked while some might have not. But Referral Program is a kind of marketing technique that will work for your website having MoonClerk as its payment system. Why? Let’s find out.

First of all, let us learn some dynamics of the Referral Program. Referral Program helps you to utilize your current customer base to increase it. For this, you ask your customers or clients to spread the word about your product or service. This generates word-of-mouth in which your customers recommend your products or services to your friends and family. And it is human nature that we tend to trust recommendations or suggestions coming from the people we know. So, when other people will know about your brand, they will be curious to see if you have something for them as well. And once they get interested, they will visit your site, and chances of making a sale increase drastically.

To get your current customers to talk about your brand, you will have to provide them with the best services.  But in addition to quality customer service, you will have to give them the motive to promote your brand. For this, you can provide them with a discount on your products or some other reward of sorts. This reward will make the chances of a referral brighter.  And when your customer will receive an award in the form of bonus credit or discount, they are more likely to buy from you again. In this way, a referral program will help you to generate sales from new clients as well as your previous ones.

Best Software to Use for My Referral Program with MoonClerk

Referral programs can be very beneficial for your business. So, it is essential to implement it in the right way. For this, you need software that incorporates all the necessary features to make your referral program a success. And when it comes to launching and managing a Referral Program, OSIAffiliate is the best in the business. It is easy to integrate with any website, and if you have an online store with MoonClerk as a payment system, OSIAffiliate with blend-in correctly. Its easy interface and well-implemented design will ensure that you have no trouble launching a referral program for your website.

It will help you generate promos, assign them to your customers, and keep track of them. It also enables your affiliates to share the referral link to their social media platform with just one click. You can even select different templates for your landing referral pages, making your task even more comfortable. It comes with tons of built-in promotional resources, which will ensure that your referral program climbs the ladder of success in minimum time. All in all, OSIAffiliate is a complete package for any referral program.

Will a Referral Program with MoonClerk help me Get More Traffic?

Yes, a referral program with MoonClerk will get your website more traffic. The primary purpose of a referral program is to spread the word and create brand awareness. If a referral program is implemented correctly, you will start getting high traffic in a matter of weeks. In the referral program, when your customers will refer your brand to their friends and family, it will not only create brand awareness but will also intrigue them to check what you have on the menu. In addition to a well-implemented referral program, you must also keep the interface of your website smooth and user-friendly, so that when new customers visit your site, they must not have any difficulty browsing through your it.

4 Advantages to Having a Referral Program with MoonClerk

The following are the 4 major advantages of having a referral program with MoonClerk.

1. A Referral Program helps to increase your business reach. When you turn your customers into your advocates, they will tell about your brand to numerous people, and trust us, there are no limits to the word-of-mouth.

2. A referred customer is directed towards your brand by a person they know, and such a customer already has a positive image of your brand. So, it is more likely that they will buy from you, which makes them more valuable. Thus, a referral program values your business without going the extra mile.

3. A Referral program helps in converting your current customers into returning buyers.

4. It helps in generating data that enables you to identify your most loyal customers. In this way, you can focus on them, which will ultimately give you more profit.

By Amy Larrison

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