Printify vs Printful (Updated Jun 2021) : Ultimate Print on Demand Services Comparison

By Sammie Brown
Printify vs Printful (Updated Jun 2021) : Ultimate Print on Demand Services Comparison

The demand for printing on-demand services has been increased in the past few years, and according to the research, it has also been declared that t-shirt printing will increase to revenue of 10 billion dollars by 2025. And in that case, wouldn’t it be the best to consider printify versus printful and see which one is better. There are a lot of things to consider when you are comparing between printify and printful. You will have to consider how easy it is to use the particular service, along with the pricing and customer support. The printing quality and the Order fulfillment are among the most important features of such print-on-demand services. While you are on the topic of comparing printful and printify, we can see that it can help you start a great e-commerce business.

But before you finally start learning about the difference between printify and printful, wouldn’t it be the best to learn what print on demand services is?

What is Print on Demand?

As the name suggests, the print-on-demand is a simple order fulfillment service that will provide the customers with their on demand products that they need. The service will work hand in hand with the supplier to provide them custom printed products according to their requirements in a particular quantity as ordered. Most of the suppliers do not have the printing equipment, and the print-on-demand services are the best option for printing t-shirts, hoodies, and much more. Most E-Commerce businesses are now growing because of the print on demand services that help with order fulfillment by printing custom products according to the requirement. Now it has become a lot easier to generate an income stream for newcomers in the E-Commerce industry.

How Printful Works?

You must be wondering how printful works. Well, When working, you will have to sign up for the service and then get started with the on-demand order printing services. Once you have successfully signed up for the service, you will now have the option to explore the service. It is better to get the pod services. You must be wondering why you need the pod services. The pod service will allow you to virtually take a look at the designs you can provide to the customers, and these designs you can publish and post on your online page where people can order directly. You can offer around 200 custom printed products to the customers with the template generated by the pod service. You can also integrate your account by choosing the Dropshipping method that you want to choose. It is easier to find out the accurate and most appropriate Dropshipping method along with the other integration.

  • The first category is for clothing. This category includes t-shirts, tank tops, Polo shirts, and much more
  • The next category is of accessories, including phone cases, necklaces, and bracelets
  • You can also print laptop cases, backpacks, and much more
  • Printing coffee mugs, blankets and pillows is also an option. Along with that, you can print workwear and beachwear.

The working of the printful on-demand printing service is simple and easy. You can look at the overall performance and consider how incredibly well the printful services are offered.

How Printify Works?

Printify is another one of the on-demand printing services that you can sign up for. The good thing about this service is that it will allow you with the drag and drop tool to create several designs. You will be getting the 3D quality images and the prints that you can offer to the customers for their custom printing option. There is the pod service that you can also choose from, and the printify service offers several different products, including t-shirts, mugs, and much more, that are there to attract customers. You can handpick your integration according to the designs you want to print, and you can also control the quality according to your requirement. For the best marketing, you can use the images provided by the printify service and post them on your online profile for the customers to order directly.

Printify vs. Printful Pricing

The first thing that you must keep in mind is the pricing of both applications. There are different plans available for both of these different services. But printful is charging 2.49 per label, and for long sleeve print, it is charging 5.95 dollars. For embroidered logos, the printful is charging 2.95 per placement and also 2.49 for short sleeve print. Other than that, there are some other charges that you can check on the website. There is a profit calculator also available to check for learning about the profit margins that you can charge from the customers.

The printify pricing plan comes with three different options, including the free premium and the enterprise plan. All of these plans have different features, including the range of options and designs for printing. When you are working side by side with printify, you will have to create manual Orders, and there is life support also available. You can use this integration channel where Shopify, woo-commerce, and many other E-Commerce platforms. The enterprise plan offers custom charges, whereas the premium plan offers $29 per month for unlimited product designs and other details. You must ensure that you are checking every plan and going for the apt option according to your requirement.

Based on the pricing of both of these services, printify is the better option to consider because of a better pricing plan that you can choose from.

Printify vs. Printful Integrations

Both of these services are highly integrated by various E-Commerce platforms. These are perfectly integrated with Shopify and especially E-Commerce. As some other channels are linked with these services. Printful service has a longer option of integration, including

  • Squarespace
  • Bigcommerce
  • Big cartel
  • Magneto
  • Launch cart
  • 3D cart
  • Wix
  • Weebly

Whereas when you are associated with printify, the premium plan will offer you integration with Etsy and eBay. When comparing the integration of both of these services, printful has a long list, including the other product listing, including Amazon and Bonanza. Whereas the printful is highly recommended because of its integration with the several different quick setup b e-commerce stores.

Based on the better integration options, printful is a better choice with a long list of integration available.

Fulfillment and Shipping Between Printify vs. Printful

Printful is a service that can deliver the product within the time limit of 2 to 7 days for the products that include clothing. However, if the product does not include clothing, it can take up to 5 business days for the delivery.

There are several different charges for the first product in the USA shipping the printful will cost you 3.99 dollars. Whereas there are different charges based on the product, some additional charges will also be charged according to the product.

In contrast, for fulfillment and shipping, printify takes longer because of the Limited stores and fulfillment centers available for printify. However, it works with the top courier companies for quick dispatching of the orders.

For shipment within the USA, it will take up to 15 days, and in Canada, it will also require 10 to 15 days. As for international shipping, it can take up to 30 days. However, keep in mind that the users who are using the premium plan provided by printify can access the fastest shipping.

Overall the printful shipping and fulfillment are faster and comparatively better for the international orders.

Printify vs. Printful Customer Support

Customer support is one thing that is super important for most of the customers. In considering the customer support, printful can provide you support, but it can be a little Snappy.

However, printify has a comparatively better support system, but it can still take time for troubleshooting and payment issues. You can get customer support from both printful and printify with the life support team available.

There is no winner for customer support as both of these can provide optimal support to the customers.

Overall Features Printify vs. Printful

Based on the features, we can compare that printful can offer services and the E-Commerce photography option. For high level and high resolution, photography printify can help a lot more. Printful is a comparatively better option because of the processing solutions and the other incredible photography options and product options.

Compared to that, printify offers various catalogs to the customers to ensure that they are getting the appropriate designs and the high quality. There are several branding options and accessories also available with the printify services. You will get better retail pricing along with the professional team and in-house designers.

Printify vs. Printful Product Quality and Design

One of the biggest concerns of most of the users is the product design and the quality. When you compare the printful designs and quality with the Printify design and the quality, you will find a major difference. According to the consideration, the printify designs and quality are of low-resolution, whereas the printful design and quality are more enhanced. For customer loyalty and better on-demand printing, printful is the clear winner.

What do we like about printful?

  • Printful offers a unique amount of features.
  • Integrated with along a list of options
  • Better shipping and quick delivery
  • Better quality with a large customer base
  • Greater number of fulfillment locations

What do we not like about printful

  • A little overpriced as compared to the competitors

What do we like about printify?

  • Better pricing model
  • Around 200 products to offer
  • Better benefits in terms of choosing printing provider

What do we not like about printify?

  • Longer turnaround time
  • Quality is not the best.
  • Limited integration options

Final Verdict

According to the overall features, we can say that in the comparison between printful versus printify, we have declared that printful is a better option. Based on the overall features and also regarding the quick turnaround, it is a perfect choice. The buyers can get quicker products of better quality. However, the prices are a little over the edge, but it is the perfect choice for a quick turnaround. Along with that, there are a greater number of fulfillment centers that can offer you your product immediately, and you can use it for better branding options.

By Sammie Brown

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