Best Examples Of Small Businesses Referral Programs

By Lamont Benson
Best Examples Of Small Businesses Referral Programs

Do you want people to know that you have arrived in the business? Then there nothing better than to start a Referral to Program to pitch your small business to the audience. If you have started a small business, you might have a very tight budget for marketing. So, it is better not to do experiments and only try tested methods such as Referral Program for marketing.    

You don’t have to replicate the referral programs of business giants like Dropbox, Airbnb, or Uber. You can create your referral program where you can offer discounts, product giveaways, exclusive deals, gift cards, cash, or more. If you are confused about how to implement your referral program, we have gathered some examples from small businesses that will help you clear up your mind. 

1. PA Fitness  

As the name implies, PA Fitness is a fitness center with its branches in Marysville, Washington, and Arlington. They have featured a referral program on their website, let’s see what we can learn from it.  

What’s Good About It?

The first thing to notice here is that they have used a friend-oriented CTA: “Working out is always more fun with a buddy!”. The referral text is very concise and pitching the idea that they want to help someone that is close to you, which is perfect because it gives you a perception that you are going to do something outstanding by referring the services to your friend.    

In the background, you can find a picture of women working out together, which is pretty much giving them an idea that all of them are friends. Although you are not getting any reward while referring it to your friend, they have pitched the idea of helping a friend so perfectly, which will make you want to help your friend without even thinking about any reward.  

2. ThreadBeast

Threadbeast is a curated wardrobe delivery services, and it offers a bonus package on a referral to the person who refers them and also the person to whom their business is referred to. The best part about this promotion is the fact that you will get a bonus package on every successful referral that you make, no matter how times.   

Both the referral and referee get a reward, and it is perfect if you want more referrals because you are giving a good motive to people. As a result, you will receive a whole new lot of potential customers.

What’s Good About It?

When it comes to free stuff, everybody is ready to dig in. If you already have a strong customer base that regularly buys from you, they would want more of it. So, if you are offering them a bonus package for a referral, they will not miss the opportunity.   

It would be best if you give them some special or limited-edition gift for their referral so that they feel that you have come up with this promotion only because they took the time to make a referral.  

3. The Clymb

If you are looking to buy any sporting and climbing gear, then The Clymb is the place to be online. They have used different referral programs in the past, but let’s see what they have in store right now.   

What’s Good About It?

A significant thing to note here is that they have featured the referral program at the top right corner of their website. This makes it easy for people to notice it and ultimately makes them eager to check this promotion out.

Whenever a referral is made, both parties get $10 credit, which is a win-win situation. The referee will get $10 for each referral, so you can expect him to bring a surge of new customers to the website. Secondly, you can promote the website on social media by sending the referral links to your friends through instant message, email, and Twitter.   

This referral program is an excellent example for small businesses as it enables word of mouth marketing and at the same time, helps in generating more revenue by giving $10 to the referee.

4. SkillShare

Skillshare is an online learning platform where you can pick up different courses and get your creative beast out. SkillShare features a very awesome referral program, which definitely creates the buzz among the current customers and potential customers.

What’s Good About It?

As this is a paid online learning platform, people would love to have free watch time. And this is what the website offers. When a customer refers SkillShare to a friend, that lucky friend will receive two months of free access to Skillshare Premium. And when that friend continues with a payment plan in the future, the referee will get one month of free access to SkillShare.  

Online courses have made the life of students very easy. They are easy to access, and you can learn from them at any time you want. SkillShare offers its new customers two months of free trial for all their services, which helps them make a place in customers’ hearts and minds.

5. Key Takeaways

Getting the right Referral Program in place is one of the best ways to market your business without spending much. Your customer base is what you need to invest in, and they will advocate for your business. If you give importance to your current customers, you will build a stronger bond with them, and they will come back for more. Moreover, a referral program will also get you some new prospects and help you generate more revenue.

Ensure that you give good incentives to your customers for their referrals, communicate with them, and make them feel home. It can be challenging to manage a referral program all by yourself, so we suggest using some referral software to make the task easier.

By Lamont Benson

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