Best Shopify Apps For Conversions in 2021

By Marki Richardson
Best Shopify Apps For Conversions in 2021

As technology keeps advancing, more and more businesses are stepping up their game and embracing the latest technologies in their marketing strategies. The most positive change that businesses have embraced is selling things online. Nowadays, you can hardly find a successful business that doesn’t have an online shop set-up.

Therefore, if you have not yet registered your business online, it is high time you did just that. Shopify is one of the most comfortable and most effective platforms that you can use to sell your products online. You can begin selling online using Shopify, even if you just got into the business.

However, there are hundreds of Shopify apps that aim to help you market and grow your business. So, how can you tell which of these apps is most effective at helping you increase your sales? This article discusses seven of the best Shopify apps that can help you increase your sales tremendously:

1.) Oberlo Shopify App

The Oberlo Shopify app aims at helping business owners source a supplier. Therefore, it is ideal for those who require a product or service to sell. Also, people looking for a business idea are recommended to use this app.

Oberlo Shopify app allows users to search for marketplaces that are available for direct import into the store. It also ships products and services to your customers when you receive an order online. Therefore, with Oberlo, you need not worry about packaging or shipping your products to the customers; Oberlo does all that for you!

2.) Jebbit: Custom Product Quizzes

Jebbit Shopify app allows users to create exciting quizzes that customers will want to engage in. These quizzes are not just random questions but quizzes that can help customers find their most fitting products in your store.

Therefore, through the shoppable quizzes, the Jebbit app helps to increase your sales and conversions. The app also features a visual builder, which allows store owners to map out and build their experiences. With this app, you can easily meet customers and provide personalized, targeted recommendations that will, in turn, generate more sales for your store.

3.) Offset Free Shopify App

The Offset Shopify app is recommended for those looking to neutralize their shipping emissions, especially those that impact the climate. This app calculates your Offset cost, the total number of emissions produced by your shipped orders.

Usually, the Offset costs generated are low, going for just a few cents per order. Also, the little payment you make is forwarded to forest protection initiatives. Therefore, by using the Offset dashboard, you will see what impact you have on the environment and how many trees and vegetation you have protected. What’s even better, the app allows you to share these findings with your customers.

4.) Advoz

Advoz app focuses on helping store owners succeed in their social media advertising. With this free Shopify app, store owners can easily access a qualified advertising expert. The expert creates customized ads for social media pages and search engines and sets you up with a target audience that can generate leads to your online store.

The Advoz Shopify app has only three requirements:

  • You must have an active Facebook business account.
  • Add product catalogues to the Facebook page.
  • Pay for an ad budget on a weekly basis.

5.) Shopify Email App

Just as its name suggests, the Shopify email app is ideal for those who wish to promote their business through email. The app features several pre-made templates that pull your product descriptions, logos, images, and more information about your store.

Shopify email app allows users to import their contact lists into Shopify. It also allows users to send branded emails to customers with just a click of a button. Furthermore, online sellers can use this app to customize the text within minutes.

With this email app, you can expect to get 2,500 emails each month for free. Then, for every 1,000 additional emails that you get, you will pay only $1.

6.) BetterReplay

You have a well-established website, but your shoppers never seem to convert. Well, if that is your concern, BetterReplay is just the app you should install. This app allows you to perform live recordings of the shoppers’ sessions. Therefore, you will have first-hand information on how customers interact with your online store and what products they look at.

With such essential information, you will then determine how you can plan your store such that shoppers get stuck and glued to your products. This first-hand information will also enable you to evaluate ideas on improving conversions and boost sales in your Shopify store.

What’s even better, you can use the BetterReplay app for a 100% fee charge. Also, you do not require any coding to access the 5,000 free recording sessions offered per month.

7.) ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell

One of the most effective ways to increase sales and the average order value is by engaging in upselling and cross-selling. And this is exactly what the ReConvert Shopify app does; it encourages upselling and cross-selling by allowing users to build a catchy thank you page, also known as an order confirmation page.

A thank you page is significant for all online sellers. It helps to generate more customers, as well as turn these into regular repeat customers. Also, the app is designed with a drag-and-drop builder, which allows users to customize their landing pages.

The ReConvert app features include post-purchase surveys for customers, countdown timers, 

reorder buttons, and personalized recommendations. All these features have one prime goal: to help you re-engage your customers and turn them into regular ones.


To grow your business, you need the right tools. And one of the tools that can help you increase your sales is the Shopify platform. The above ten best Shopify apps are not only easy to install, but they also give your online store more opportunities to expand their business.

For more information on using the Shopify app to boost your sales, you can consult our digital marketing agency. We will gladly help you learn how you can add customer reviews, get in-depth analytics, improve email marketing, among many other ways to increase your sales.

By Marki Richardson

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