How to Build a Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

By Veronica Barkley
How to Build a Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Every year, countless businesses invest in different marketing strategies, and you must have something in place to promote your business. Marketing can cost you a lot, and it would be a shame that you don’t get the results even after putting in your time, money, and effort. In most cases, marketing for a business is not so complicated. Still, people tend to go for extraordinarily costly and complex strategies and completely neglect the significance of their existing customers.   

Your existing customer base is something you already have access to, so you will not have to go out of the box to reach them. And while there are different ways by which you can harness your existing customers, word-of-mouth has proved to be one of the most cost-effective and one of the best marketing strategies in the world. In this article, we are going to guide you about How to Build a Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy for your business. 

How Does Word of Mouth Advertising Work?

Word of mouth advertising or Word of mouth marketing is a technique to influence and encourage people to talk about some brand, product, or service. You might have recently bought a product or service from a company with which you had a pretty decent experience. So, you must have shared your experience with a friend or relative of yours, or even posted about it on your social media account.

The thing is that we tend to share our good experience with our friends and relatives. And when we do so, we are unintentionally promoting a particular brand whose product you used. When a product and brand get more exposure, the chances of an increase in sales rise significantly. And this how word of mouth marketing strategy works.

So, a word of mouth marketing encourages people to share their authentic experiences in their network through online and offline channels. As you would be using your existing customers to spread the word, it makes word of mouth marketing strategy one of the most cost-effective marketing strategy in the world. You can get your customers to share their good experiences online, and the best part about it is that their posts or comments will get more leads, and a natural chain of interaction will initiate, which will bear great fruits for your business.

How to Build a Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy?

The answer to this question is a bit tricky. You cannot get your customers to talk about your product without convincing them. Word of mouth is a byproduct of loyal and eager customers, and you got to give them something that will persuade them to become your advocate. It would be best if you kept in mind that you have to offer flawless customer experience to get your WOM strategy up and running.

Start With Your Employees

Who would know any better about your products and services than your employees? If you have happy employees, they would be the best advocates for your brand. So, it would be best if you start your WOM strategy by getting your employees on board. Give them the best environment, and ask them to try your products. If they are happy with your services, they will vouch for it. You go to make the first step.

Provide Them Something Worth Talking About

Now that your employees are by your side, make sure they give quality customer service and interact with the customers in the best way possible; your chances of getting your customers to share good reviews increases when they are receiving quality customer service. Most of your customers will make use of social media to talk about your brand, and everybody wants to look good on the internet. Think about ways that you can make your customer interaction look more shareable.

Sentimental Storytelling

By now, you already know that customers like to share their good experiences with others, and it would be best if you create consumer sentiments through storytelling and create an emotional experience. Whenever a customer runs into a campaign that can trigger their sentiments, they are more likely to talk about it. So, put your efforts into creating a campaign that will tell a story and connect with the consumers emotionally. You can use social media where you can post videos or other content for possible exposure and engagement to your campaign and, thus, generating more WOM.

Get Influencers On Board

With the increase in popularity of social media, influencers have become very important for brands who want to promote their product and services to a large number of audiences. The thing is that the followers of influencers tend to trust their suggestions about services and products, which is exactly what you need. The key here is to target the right influencers that already have a considerable audience relevant to your products and services, get them on board, and spread the word.

Start A Referral Program

Launching a Referral Program for your business is one of the best ways to generate WOM. You can provide different rewards and discounts to the customers who refer to your product and services. A referral program will enable you to launch different campaigns and distribute prizes to the right customers. When you are giving your customer rewards for making a referral, they will definitely consider it.

Word of Mouth and User-Generated Content

Why write marketing content for your brand when your customers can write it for you? User-generated content is one of the best ways to do WOM marketing. In user-generated content, your customers talk about your brand online, and there are different ways by which you can encourage them to write content for you.

You can get your customers to post this content on their social media. You can also create a hashtag on social media and ask your customers to use that hashtag every time they post something related to your brand. This will create brand awareness as well as influence other people to buy your products or services.

Future of Word-of-Mouth

The success of your Word-of-mouth marketing campaign depends highly on the experience and interaction of your customers. So, your aim should be to provide premium customer experience that can meet any requirement of your consumers. Remember, the moment when users take the responsibility and credibility of your products or services is the moment when your business becomes a BRAND. Give your customers importance, and your customers will make your brand for you.

By Veronica Barkley

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