How WordPress Users Can Do Affiliate Marketing in 2021

By tariehk
How WordPress Users Can Do Affiliate Marketing in 2021

As per reports by Statist, spending on affiliate marketing in the U.S. alone is predicted to reach about $8.2 billion by 2022, which is more than triple what it was in 2012.

WordPress is used to host a myriad of sites today. Affiliate marketing is how you receive links to products by companies, and you can earn when your viewers or reader make a purchase using that link. You help companies sell their products through your links and get a commission for the same. It is essential to choose appropriate programs, do your research, focus on presenting engaging content to viewers, and a right balance of all these factors will surely help you excel and earn through affiliate marketing.

  • Take Advantage of Existing Affiliate Programs

Most e-commerce giants, including Home Depot, Amazon, etc., have affiliate programs that are reliable and well known. Getting affiliated with one or more of these programs is a great place to start. All the details about the know-hows of these programs can be found on their respective websites.

  • Begin by short listing products that you are familiar with. Set your goals and a strategy that is not rigid and can adapt to changing situations. Then go ahead and choose a Plugin.
  • Once you visit the website, it is easy to read through the details describing the affiliate program and subscribe. The strategy that you figured out earlier can be the catalyst to promote the products in varying circumstances.
  • The strategy being a key element can be made individually or with WordPress plugins, which each focus on a different aspect of your marketing and content strategy. Acquiring short links, using appropriate keywords, content format, etc., are all essential aspects to be considered.
  • Also, keep in mind the nature of the affiliate program you are planning to subscribe to. It may be one of the three kinds, one tiered- where you get a commission that is fixed, on any sale, two-tiered- where you can refer affiliates, and your commission starts flowing in once those affiliates start making some sale, or multi-tiered- where the return increases as and when the sales go up.
  • Remember, Content is the Foundation

Content is the foundation of affiliate marketing. When the content is substantial, the audience will be able to connect with you, and that is when affiliate marketing and business will step in. If there is no content, then using tricks of affiliate marketing is pointless. There are several ways in which engaging content can be approached.

  • In case you have a product website, supporting your products with crisp yet engaging descriptions that help customers decide their pick is a great way.
  • You can also put up blog posts around similar subjects to let your readers know that you are aware of your domain trends and keep their interest up.
  • Create a Bond of Trust With Customers

With the increasing number of fraud websites in the internet space today, most customers are wary of the websites they visit and look out for any signs that the website may cause harm to them or their data. As per GlobalSign, about 85% of online shoppers avoid unsecured websites due to the increased cyber attacks and data leaks.


  • Google fully supports the customers and points out to them if an SSL certificate doesn’t secure a website.
  • The responsibility of safeguarding your customers’ data, as well as the fact that Google takes SSL security exceptionally seriously, makes it imperative to invest in a Wildcard SSL certificate for your website, in case you wish to secure multiple first-level sub domains. Migrating to HTTPS ensures all your data is encrypted and having Wildcard SSL makes sure this applies to all sub domains of your URL.

Another way to promote your website as trustworthy is by encouraging customers to write reviews and testimonials. Positive feedback is an excellent motivator for potential customers, and a swift response to negative feedback is also a great way to let customers know that you care.

  • Try to Increase the Conversion Rate

The idea of having strong content and visibility to convert viewers and readers into customers. Conversions can also be increased using some of the following tips,

  • Ensure you highlight how your product is different from those already existing, what makes your product unique. Conversion rate is one of the most critical parameters that determine the success of your platform.
  • Data always sell, be sure to put out positive claims about your website and products and share appropriate graphs, charts, etc., to back your claims. Info graphics can also break the monotony of text and help the customer understand the product better.
  • Find ways to interact with your audience, social media posts, replying to comments, putting out stories that require viewer input, doing live sessions, etc. Any way that keeps you in your customer’s view and also helps them connect with your brand for any issues, queries, or just in general.
  • Research, Research, and More Research!

With new businesses popping up everywhere these days, doing your research is essential.

  • There is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to research, including market trends, customer trends, and behaviors, stock market, and general customer feedback about products in your domain.
  • Studying other products and finding faults in them or working on customer feedback for those products is an excellent way of gaining the upper hand.
  • Research also helps understand your customers better, coming up with ideas for flyers and social media content to engage them well.
  • It is also necessary to understand which part of your content strategy is not working out well and make tweaks as and when required.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing has great potential when it comes to fetching earnings. All that is needed is patience and focus on all the points mentioned above. Have a dynamic strategy to adapt to situations, and sooner or later, you’ll achieve success.

By tariehk

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