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Brief Overview of Shopify

Shopify started in 2006 as a team of 5 dedicated people working out of a coffee shop. It has grown to become a global brand, a staple in ecommerce. The influence continues to rise as 1,500 employees work in 5 offices throughout North America. They’ve created a great platform where customers have options as far as where and how-to-buy in-store or online. With over 300,000 online stores using this platform and 20 billion dollars in sales, this is brand that continues to dominate the ecommerce world. Here are some of the features of Shopify.

If you have additional Shopify questions, please click here to get them answered.

Features of Shopify

From having a full-on theme store for your shop’s storefront, full customization of templates, and security within your site, there are great selections to ensure that you get the most out of Shopify. Are you looking for security in your shopping carts? Well, Shopify allows you to accept credit cards and Paypal payments through integrating with 50 different payment gateways. There’s an optimized mobile shopping carts for iPhone, Android, and even Blackberry users. You’ll be PCI compliant so there’s the right authorization for your credit card acceptance, and SSL 256-bit technology for security reasons. Let’s take a look into how you can integrate your Shopify store with OSI Affiliate Software.

Integration with OSI Affiliate Software

Integrating Shopify with OSI Affiliate Software only takes a few moments to setup. Of course, you can always ask someone from the OSI Affiliate team to help you get things together for free of charge. However, you may want to do it yourself just to get your feet warm when it comes to doing more customization things for your clients. In that case, check out "How Can I Integrate OSI Affiliate Software."

Shopify OSI Affiliate Software Step by Step Instructions

Step 1 Start the Getting Started Setup

Click "Start Setup" shown below:

Shopify affiliate software
Step 2 Add Referral program Name and Description
Shopify affiliate software
Step 3 Select the Type of Referral program and add additional Details

You may select to reward your affiliates a percentage of a sale, a fixed amount or a custom reward.
Additionally if you do not want to reward users, you may also just use the software to track referred leads.

shopify affiliate software
Step 4 Click to Start Using Software and to Continue to Next step
Shopify affiliate software
Step 5 Add User Sign up widget to your site

Click the Setup sign up page option link from the Getting Started drop down option shown here:

shopify affiliate software
Step 6 Click setup sign up widget now link
shopify affiliate software
Step 7Select your Affiliate program from the drop down
shopify affiliate software
Step 8 Click to expand customization options

By clicking next to customize you will break out all the customization options for the widget text.

shopify affiliate software
Step 9 Click to Customize the layout and design options
shopify affiliate software
Step 10 Click to customize the Design Share Module

The Design share module is the second part of the sign up widget that appears after your affiliates register. It will give them the ability to share their referral link immediately across email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

shopify affiliate software
Step 11Get Code to Add to your Store

Once you have completed the customization of your sign up page you may click the "Get Code" button to generate the code for the widget to add to your store. Add both snippets of code to the page of your site that you would like the Widget to appear on.

shopify affiliate software
Step 12 Adding the Widget to Your Store.

We recommend creating a separate sub page on your store called "Affiliate Program" or "Referral Program". Then add the two Snippets of code in the code view of the page as shown here.

shopify affiliate software

Congratulations! Once you add this Shopify affiliate tracking code you have completed the setup and integration of the Omnistar Affiliate Software into your Shopify Store.