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What is the Affiliate Manager? 

An affiliate manager is someone who is trained to do a number of tasks for the management of online affiliate programs for a merchant who is also an affiliate. There are a number of activities that are carried out by an affiliate manager and these activities mainly include recruiting screen applications as well as new affiliates in the market. An affiliate manager is a really responsible person as he also takes care of customers and makes sure to provide exceptional customer service while maintaining the relations and standards with the affiliates that are already existing. 

Apart from this, an affiliate manager is responsible for taking care of promotions and other units that can prove to be creative in the long run for the business. We can say that the majority of responsibility is on the shoulders of an affiliate manager as he or she is to report on the activity of the affiliate program that how a certain program is doing performance-wise and what can be done to improve that performance if needed. An affiliate manager is also responsible for finding different tactics that will help in improving the performance of the marketing channel of affiliate without giving much effort. 

What do Affiliate Managers Do?

An affiliate manager is supposed to take care of the affiliates that are recruiting. They are also responsible for negotiation about deals, the management of creative designs that ensure that the affiliates are being paid. These tasks are similar to that of networks and can easily be taken care of if the affiliate manager is well educated as well as experienced in his or her field. 

Other than this, affiliate managers are basically responsible for handling all the serious matters that are associated with the affiliate program. This is important because if an affiliate manager is not serious in his work then it can harm the reputation of the company in a negative way. 

How Much Do Affiliate Managers Make? 

The majority of reports claim that the annual salary of an affiliate manager is $40,000 to $50,000. This claim is done by at least 48% of the sources. However, if we consider the economic crises that are taking place then we can state that as of July 2011, this number was actually more than what has been mentioned at the present. 

The basic or annual salary of an affiliate manager as per records for 2011 was $66,000 to $77,000 per year. It was recorded to be $69,000 in California in Illinois, $75,000 in New York and $61,000 was recorded in Texas according to sources. Having looked at the records it can easily be assumed that an affiliate manager is actually paid well for his or her services. This means that if you are thinking about pursuing your career as an affiliate manager then it is definitely the right option for you. 

What Skills do Affiliate Managers Need to Have? 

There is a wide number of skills that must be acquired by an affiliate manager. We must say that the person who possesses all of these skills is actually very talented as he or she will have success in their careers for a long time. An affiliate manager is basically required to contain the decision making power as well as the ability to solve problems. This is true when it comes to dealing with different clients from different niches. 

There are many other quality traits as well as skills that are required by an affiliate manager including creativity, marketing, being able to handle technical problems, being able to deal with different people on a regular basis. Managing money problems that a business may face as well as optimizing the whole campaign. An affiliate manager is also supposed to draw traffic towards the business while maintaining public relations. Moreover, if you are a productive and creative person then you have already earned another skill for being a successful affiliate manager. Above all, if you really want to be touching the sky with your talent as an affiliate manager then you must have the skill of leadership. 

What Are The Mistakes Affiliate Managers Do?

There are many common mistakes that can be done by an affiliate manager especially if you are new and we are going to show you some of these mistakes. Number one is assuming that remaining on a fixed closure is enough for them. It is ok to believe that the more the merrier. If you are a new affiliate manager and are keeping to the closest ones of your clients then you may be in the habit of keeping up with the constant affiliates that are already there. What this will do is make you earn 80% of the profit while the 20% will be disposed of away. 

Other mistakes are to understand that it is not that important to recruit, it is ok to be shy if you are new so don’t let the stress get the best out of your performance in the professional world. And the last mistake is to use strategies that are old and outdated.  

How can Affiliate Managers be Successful?

If you want to be a successful affiliate manager then you must have the quality of thinking fast as you will be communicating with numerous other affiliates. Another thing you must keep in mind is to keep an eye on the competitors in the market. This will help you in analyzing what they are up to and how you can adapt their techniques to expand the size of your business. 

One more thing you can do to become a successful affiliate manager is to keep reading the latest updates that are available in the industry. Make sure that you are practising everything that you read so that your mind is in practice of how it should behave and find solutions to problems that would otherwise be difficult to address. Being an affiliate manager is a tough job but if done right it can be easy.