We Help You Sell More Easily grow your sales and traffic by up to 37%

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Easy to Setup

OSI Affiliate Software includes a Getting Started Wizard that will help you get up and running in less than 10 minutes.

You Choose the Reward

You can pay affiliate users a percentage of the sale or a flat rate for each sale they send your way. Additionally, our software makes it possible for you to reward them with your own reward. For example, you could give them an Amazon Gift Certificate or a free vacation or whatever you decide. All you have to do is enter the details for your reward into our back-end and the software manages everything.

Sell via Social Media

Get more sales by enabling the social media features included in OSI Affiliate Software. This feature allows your affiliates to easily promote your business in the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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Improve Your SEO

By using our software you may improve your rankings in Google. You will have more links pointing to your website because each affiliate user will be given a SEO-friendly link that points back to your website.

Increase Conversions

Once you setup an affiliate program you will increase your conversions because you have more traffic going to your website from your affiliates. Because the traffic is coming from affiliates, most companies see a higher conversion since their affiliate users are trusted influencers.

Get More Partners

By having an affiliate program you will get access to audiences that you would have never had access to before. Now you can approach a potential partner and offer them a revenue share of everyone they send your way.

Totally Hosted

Our software is securely hosted so you do not have to worry about upgrades, backups and security. Also, you can easily use your own domain (http://affiliates.yourdomain.com).

Compatible with Everything

No matter who you use for your payment gateway or shopping cart, OSI Affiliate Software integrates with them. Our setup wizard will give you easy to follow instructions for the integration.

Get More Sales, Leads and Increase Revenue