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What is an Autoresponder?

An auto-responders is the set of newsletters that are sent to your emailing list each time you schedule an email to your subscribers. They can do all kinds of things from following and respond. This means that the email sent by a subscriber will be read and interpreted by the auto-responder.

One of the critical things that come up when building an online business or a platform that operates on subscribers, fans, or people who support you is what is called an email list. The sole purpose of an email list is to reach out to your subscribers or clients when you need them or when they reach out to you. However, sending tens of thousands of emails saying the same thing or responding to the same issue will be a huge challenge and can take you days to do so. And this is where the auto responder comes into play. You will save lots of time by having an autoresponder.

For instance, if a shop owner emails his clients, they will send emails to all of the subscribers about a particular product.  That way, the subscribers are notified, and they can decide whether or not they want to go and purchase the product. An auto-responder can be as sophisticated as answering questions without the auto-responder manager manually sending them.

For instance, the owner of the shop can set an answer for people who ask about the price, so by entering a set of words that will trigger the auto-responder to send an individual email. An example of this can be when someone sends an email concerning the product asking about the price, and the auto-responder can automatically send a link to the price list or even send the costs of the merchandise.

This does not mean that you only have to get an auto-responder to sell products or services. You can reach out to people and make a good base of subscribers that appreciate the content you offer if you are a blogger.

Businesses do this all the time for their employees to keep them up-to-date or to sell their products online to clients.

Usually, you would offer something for web visitors to get on your email list.  This can be a free course, a discount, or a membership account for free for a limited time.

This gives a sense of urgency for people to put the email listing along with their names. Eventually, you can send them an email through an auto-responder later down the road and increase your chances of making a sale or building trust with your subscribers.

How to use an auto-responder

To use an auto-responder, you need to have various things in mind. First, you need to have a goal of what you need to accomplish through the auto-responder. This could be establishing trust, increasing sales or just keeping your clients up to date with what you do on a day-to-day basis.

In addition to that, you need to capture names and email addresses regularly from people. The more emails you can send through the auto-responder, the higher your chances will be of having success with the auto-responder.

The way an auto-responder is set up is straightforward. First, you have to find software that is dependable and practical for your needs.

You can then have the auto-responder open a small window on your page that asks people to put their names and email addresses. After this, you will be asked to fill out the electronic format that can be as customizable as you want.

You can transfer the content of the blog into the email, or you can link the products or the purchase links inside of the email.

Another great thing you can start doing if you have an email list is to have your autoresponder send information about social-media.  This establishes credibility and trust since it lets people check you outside of the auto-responder.

Auto-responders usually have an open-rate tracking that you can activate to see how many people read the posts and how many people go to the link that you want.

The way that you use an auto-responder should not be full of spam messages. Although you are technically sending more and increasing your chances, the mailing apps most people have can automatically shut you down and mark you as spam.

Why should you use an auto-responder:

One of the most critical things about email marketing is getting your list of people who want to view your content. This email list is essential to transforming an audience member and turning them into a lead and a loyal customer.

Moreover, auto-responders will save you a lot of time by sending automatically scheduled emails to people who are on your list. Even if you have ten people on your email list, sending ten emails might take a lot of time so you can save time having an autoresponder.

When should you use an auto-responder?

When it comes to auto-responders, it’s all about saving a lot of time and energy for things you could have done manually.

This means that you can use the auto-responders for updates, blog posts, and new products that don’t need much explaining.

However, there are certain times when you have to send manual emails by yourself, things that require more care and specialty. As a blogger, having an auto-responder is critical to building and maintaining a good relationship with your viewers.

You should use an auto-responder if you want to be efficient in your marketing strategy. It will save you a lot of time that you can then use to invest in other things like creating content or making actual products.

Tips when using an auto-responder email strategy:

  • Be purposive: This means that you should always be straight forward in your emails. Don’t try to lure in your audience and make them reach out and read for hours. Understand that their attention span can only handle a little bit. This will also make your emails look more unique to the readers can quickly see what you require.

  • Make the content relevant: This is very important because if you got the attention of someone because they were interested in something, you should give them what they want. So for example, if you have a blog about dogs, and a lot of people subscribe to your email list for the dog articles, don’t send them articles about cats.

  • Always give your audience the option to unsubscribe: You always want to let people know that they can unsubscribe at any time they want. This can be very crucial since a lot of people feel trapped in the constant emails.

  • Have a signature schedule: Don’t send out your emails whenever you have to be smart about when you send the emails. So always send the email at a time when you think people have the time to read. In addition to that, make sure you are consistent with your emailing schedule.

  • Treat your subscribers with respect and honor: If you treat your subscribers with respect, they will do the same to you. Always make sure you greet them at the emails and have a signature way of writing that is consistent every time.

Things you should never do when in an auto-responder

You should never overdo it. This is a mistake that a lot of beginners in email marketing do, they overdo it in the emails and they end up looking like a sellout. Make sure you are consistent with the schedule and never send your subscribers content they do not care about.


One of the most important things about creating a viewer base is collecting the emails of people that stand for what you believe. An auto-responder will keep your user base up-to-date with what you do.  Also, it will save a long-lasting relationship with you and your growing viewers that will become loyal customers.