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What is Business to Business (B2B)?

B2B has a unique take on business because it’s not about selling products and services to people. You sell the items to other companies. Additionally, different levels of brands become involved, such as manufacturers, wholesalers, and non-profit organizations.

The exciting thing about B2B is the market demand being higher. Why? Well, just a single product made for a business requires a thorough supply chain. Additionally, it may cost a bit to promote these products via magazine, online advertising, radio promotion, etc. Here are some things to note about B2B.

Showing Why Your Product Is Effective

Remember, a business wants to save as many costs as possible. Maybe they’re a firm that deals with finances for huge corporations. You might have a service where you effectively streamline invoices. The question would become: how does this save me money?

For one, you have to prove why your product is even useful. Maybe the business you want to sell your product has an archaic system that takes up too much time. Instead of getting a few people to work on prints, you can convince them to get an automated system.

Think of accuracy. Human error costs a lot of money. Additionally, it takes time away from other tasks you want to delegate through the course of the week. When you find a solution to a problem, that provides a win-win situation for both you and the company you intend to target.

You want to ensure that your product holds weight. You should also think about how you want to implement the product.

How Does the Product Fit the Dynamic of the Company?

Of course, it’s always nice to have an end goal of saving money. However, you need to place your shoes in the realm of the company.

Does this product fit within their protocol? A particular brand may have been around for 40 years. An abrupt change in the status quo can take time.

Think of how easy it is to make the transition to use your product. Will it require a full system overhaul? Do people need to take a course about the update? Also, will you install this yourself?

These are all things you should consider before negotiating with a company. Remember, their livelihood changes when they use a new product. A couple of weeks for a small business to get used to new software can be costly. You have to convince them that your product provides long-term benefits.

What Types of B2B Did You Want to Explore?

There are multiple channels to consider when you delve into this business realm. Think of what would provide the most benefits.


Blogging is an effective way to keep updated on everything. Not only does it bring in organic traffic, but it keeps the conversation interesting.

Additionally, you can write using different formats, such as vlogs, infographics, text, and more. When you regularly blog, it helps create more authority on the search engine. It’ll help you attract your target audience.

Search for the Intent

Keywords are not enough these days. You have to think of the intention. What does your audience want to buy? If you’re creating a product for a brand, take a look at their business.

Ask yourself: does this business need my product? Always think about what you can do to convince them that you provide value.

Social Media

Interaction is key. If a brand has a social media network, this can be a gem for your business. One of the ways you can get prospects is by using a hashtag.

Hashtags help you fine-tune your search. You could put in a search term like #realestate or #marketingmediafirm. Both of these businesses work a lot with numbers. You might have software to help lighten the load.

By connecting with them on social media, it makes your job easier. You can start commenting or even send DMs.

Video Content

If a picture says a 1,000 words, then a video does that tenfold. It’s one thing to write text or show pictures. However, a video can do so much more in half the time.

Let’s say you’re trying to pitch a product to business. You can do a tutorial video. It not only shows what your product can do, but you’re able to explain it.

It’ll save a lot of time because a company may have questions. You can clear a lot of them up in the video and make it easier to convince a brand to work with you. Speaking of work, here are some good practices to help you tap into your audience.

Applying Good Tactics for B2B Marketing

Here are a few tips to help you get your B2B marketing off the ground.

Add a Human Quality

If all you’re using is technical jargon, your audience may not fully engage with you. Remember, you’re working with living and breathing humans. Put some emotions into your pitch. Think of how to capture them with convincing words.

Always Cater to Your Audience

Yes, I said it before in the article. However, this is something you don’t want to sneeze over. When you understand your audience, your pitches will be a lot stronger. Create messages that target them directly to help you segment the market.

Place Your Content Carefully

Not only do you want to know the type of content your audience enjoys, but where to place it. For example, on Instagram, you want to create a short and meaningful video. You can make a more extended version on your YouTube channel.

Maybe you have a preview for a live video you intend to do later in the week. Give it a few tries and see what your audience prefers. It’ll help you weed out the content that doesn’t give you many views.

B2B Marketing can be an excellent way to help you cater to other businesses. It’s essential to understand the value of your products or services to convince other brands to work with you. What are some tactics you use to pitch your products and services? Please drop a note below.