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What is Cloaking?

You might be wondering what link cloaking is a practice that is not allowed by law and will restrict you from accessing what is actually offered by the law. This article will help you in seeing the better side of the story and make you familiar with what link cloaking is capable of. There are many myths that are following link cloaking and if you want to see a clear picture then you may read further details included in this article.

The world of affiliate marketing is actually a place which is extremely competitive if you are planning on setting up a business.

Moreover, link cloaking is so commonly used that individuals try to find different ways to derive more sales and commissions. They are also looking for new technologies that can be used for this purpose. You won’t be surprised to know that applying these techniques and methods will often draw the commissions of other affiliates to your way. If we look at this matter seriously, it is actually a serious problem.

The stealing of commission most often occurs when you are using malware software and that software is loading on unknown computers without being suspected. The thing about malware software is that they are able to monitor the pages visited by certain users and from these pages locate the affiliate links. It can be done in a way when you exchange your own ID code of affiliate with the other person ID code of affiliate. In this way, the commissions get stolen.

What is Link Cloaking?

The process of masking the URL link of an affiliate which is offered by an affiliate program in order to make the link precise and cute as well as restrict your affiliate ID from getting stolen commissions is called link cloaking. This can be useful in a way when your affiliate ID becomes hidden by the stealers out there and also make it look nicer in the eyes of the visitors of your website.

Check out this example of an affiliate link that is cloaked:

If you are using a link Cloaker then there is a 100% guarantee that you will get the exact returns of your efforts and keep your commissions safe from getting stolen from other affiliates.

How Does Link Cloaking Work?

It doesn’t matter if you are not interested too much on the technical side. All you have to do is understand that this process works in a way when you send a user a redirection of URL. It is not important for you to know everything about the dos and don’ts of link cloaking, just understand the easy concepts and you will be good to go.

You may be wondering what a URL redirection is, basically, it is a dummy URL that will take the users from the browser they are accessing to another one. It is not important for that page to exist on your website, it is there only to fill the gap.

Your browser will go through the following process: 

  • As you click on the link that is cloaked above, you will be asked by your browser about the content that is available on the page.
  • The next step that follows is that this website will address the page that is there to fill the gap where you will get the content.
  • Finally, your browser will recognize the response it has received and will go to the new URL straight instead of taking queries from you.

The Benefits of Link Cloaking

As you have read above, the benefits of link cloaking are already mentioned above such as saving your commissions, but what else is there for you as a catch?

Trusted Link

You may have noticed that individuals are intelligent. A user is more likely to click on a link that is pointing to a website of the same nature than clicking directly on the link of an affiliate. This has been noticed multiple times, the process of link cloaking is more likely to improve your rate through clicks.

When you are keeping that link taking to the same website, you are actually building the trust of your website through that link.


You can take OsiAffiliates for example, as you need it when you are going to link the affiliate link to the plugin of management. Doing so will provide more benefits for you and the greatest benefit is control of the management. 

If you are an affiliate marketer, it is obvious for you to have not one or two links, instead of hundreds or even thousands of them.

Honestly speaking, managing such a great number of affiliate marketing links can sometimes turn out to be your worst nightmare. This is the reason there is always a solution available at hand.

Using OsiAffiliates will help you in managing different categories and arrange them in groups that are relatable as well as logical. Such as arranging the WordPress plugin in the category of “WordPress Plugins” and sorting the hosting links in the category of “Hosting"

Moreover. You will become very much at ease when all your blog posts are divided and placed neatly in their separate groups and categories.

It can be as simple and easy as selecting your desired text, searching for the selected link and inserting its link right away.


Lastly, another awesome advantage of clink cloaking is the master ability to track the traffic that is drawn to your website with the help of affiliate links.

It is important for the progress of your website to know which links are dragging in the most traffic to your website and you will also be able to organize and manage the links that are not so active or need some improvement. 

Just a tip, If you are feeling like the audience of your website is not paying attention to main clicks, then you can use the strategy of writing blog posts to make the website more attractive.