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What is Cost Per Action (CPA)?

The typical expense that a company has for every conversion of a lead or a referral.  CPA is an online advertising technique that allows an advertiser to pay for a specified action from a prospective customer.  CPA campaigns are very low risk.

After the internet revolution that shook the world and changed the very infrastructure of culture, media and economy, many waves started to emerge as a result of the high supply demand friction. The internet created room for anything to happen and it allowed for more opportunity for people who have different skills for different market places; these intersections created a need for a platform for those people who excelled at marketing or other skills in the internet which also created more users and more advertisers as we have today. This led to what we have now, an infinite ground for those who can generate money working from the comfort of their own home; however, this shift also necessitates that there had to be more advertisers. Therefore, skills were not needed, only tools and time were required in order to create large profit margin from the internet. One of the easiest things to make money today is the advertising business; people all around the globe can generate what is called ‘passive income’ through advertising all kinds of digital products on the internet. This can be done by having a page and doing what is called as ‘Content Locking’. 

Content locking was created in 2009, the basic premise of content locking, as the name implies is to lock the content on your website, URL or file; the purpose of this is not so much in securing the content that you have, it is only made so the visitors or users would have to interact with an overlay that sits on top of the page and blocks any action on the page unless if you make a successful interaction with the pop-up given after the user chooses to have access to your content. This overlay contains a gateway whose only access is if the user goes through the steps and actions required by the creator of the page; these actions can include submitting and email address, applying for a survey, voting polls, sign up for a free trial, buy a product, watching a video ad given, download a free app or software or even just clicking on an ad. The ‘unlocking’ of the content locking will give the user immediate access to the content you have on the page; this will be a win-win situation where everyone benefits, as you will be able to generate money from the affiliate business of the ads you have displayed on the banner of the overlay, and the visitor will get access to the content that you have on your page which can be a video, blog post, PDF file, audio file, etc.

Finding an offer and join the network:

Content locking is not a traditional monetization method, it builds upon the traditional methods to suit the demands of this age; since the traditional monetization methods have been shown to cause some stagnation in the money making and traffic, content locking has become the future of monetization and it has a much bigger room for flexibility and implementation. Overall, the goal of this is to give content that the user will be looking forward to get so they can be willing to go through the trouble of getting their email address written or watch an ad. The gateways that are used for the content locking are deployed to pop up after the visitor clicks for the content through ‘continue’ or ‘download’ which will be marked as a triggering point for the gateway to block the access of the content. These gateways can be highly customized to fit the content and even be stacked to put more ads in the pop up.

With finding an offer, you can use odigger, or in order to access your targeted product. This will allow you to find a product that is also easy to sell, even if there is something that is beyond your niche, you can always search for products that have a high up-sell rate and interact with that. 

Make your website all about CPA:

You should always make the website you are working on an area that is designed specifically to target CPA marketing. Be it selling product or even for content locking. This does not mean that you should make your website look like a scammy place to sell products. You can always make things look professional and make things look neat. 

Drive traffic and monetize:

Content locking is also a form of marketing that will monetize your traffic and it is a much better version that the traditional monetization; from one areas, you can lock anything that is digital in the content locking, this can be a software, music, word doc and video. In addition to that, the implementation is also highly customized since you can slowly introduce content locking to your audience and visitors so you won’t scare them off by locking everything which may result in bringing more harm than good. 

By driving traffic using SEO, you will make sure that you have a high chance of finding someone who is willing to buy the products or the services that the CPA offers. Social media can also be a great way to drive traffic to your website, so make sure that you are using platforms like instagram, pinterest, and even YouTube to get people to go to your website. 

CPA grip as a great way to monetize you site:

One of the greatest benefits of implementing content locking is the fact that you have total control over the gateway and you can leverage the traffic. It will also benefit you in the ranking system as more purchasing from clients will generate you high traffic, thus rank you higher in the search engines and the app search. Another added benefit is the fact that your content will gain a higher value in the eye of the visitor; by putting the locker and having the user go through the gateway, they will come back again for high quality content. You can offer many things for the visitors which will make them willing to go through the unlocking of the gateway in the content locker; it can even include giveaways, coupon codes, competitions for products, etc.

 The question that raises itself here is how can one do such a thing, generating money overtime through something you only have the effort in at the beginning seems like a very attractive idea; there are many different locking strategies that will get you to get up to up to 300$ per day, and it is through one of the best websites and most recommended ones in the digital marketing realm. This is called CPAgrip; it is a growing website that will generate you a lot of money very easily per day. It is far from being over saturated and it is the best when it comes to being the most flexible. It can bring you a lot of money very easily through creating new content lockers in the dashboard and linking it with your website and the actions you require to be completed for the unlocking. This is one of the easiest yet most unknown things in the internet for making money today.  They provide a very high quality rate for the offers that they made and anyone of whatever level of expertise can start making money very easily, with CPAgrip, you will also be getting a lot great features like the timing of the pop up, the style of the text, including images and even the size of the locker. CPA grip also works great for social media users all around the world as you can make pages and groups that will generate traffic with time and will aid you to have people check out your page, this means that these people will be interested and willing to complete the actions you have listed in the dashboard of your CPAgrip which also has the best offer rates you can find on the market.

These actions listed on the locker will generate you money since you are an affiliate and they are using your special link. So for instance, when the website or the company get a download for their app, a completed survey or an application form, you will instantly be rewarded with the sum of money that was agreed upon. So by people getting into the link and going through the locker, you will generate a large amount of money that can be up to 300$ per day. This is something that you won’t even have to check, write off or program, with CPAgrip, everything works just fine. 

You could be at work and when you check the statistics, you will see that you have hundreds of dollars that were gained passively; the only piece of advice is consistency and determination. Once  after you get your set up completed, you will have to work a little hard at first for the affiliate programs and bringing traffic to your website, but once you have done that, you are set for making from 100$ to 300$ per day in your sleep even. Along with all the features, their payment methods are the least tricky and they allow you to withdraw starting 50$. The easiest part is that it become so effortless that you won’t even have to check up on it, you will know for a fact that you generated at least 100$.