How to Create an eCommerce Store in 2022

By Steven Warner
How to Create an eCommerce Store in 2022

You have products to sell and need an eCommerce store to sell them online. More likely you may not have the knowledge or skill to build your online store. This will be so especially if you do not want to use one of the templates available. You want your store hosted on your own VPS Windows for eCommerce. Whatever you do you need to have some basic ideas of what you want. That will guide the building of your online store.

You will need to include in your planning how to get customers to your site. And keep them engaged, to buy the products you offer. We need to create a store to attract our customers. And ensure that when they visit their shopping experience is pleasant. Also, you would want them to come back because of the experience on your site.

How do you create such a website and what are some features you need to make sure are present in your site? There are several aspects of your site that will impact your visitors for good or for bad. You want your site to have a positive impact on your visitors. So, we need to look at what makes your website successful in attracting customers. And keep them coming back for more.

1. Create A Well-designed Website

The design of your site and eCommerce store with your marketing ideas is the first feature that will affect visitors. So, you need to create or have created a well-designed site. Make it a clean uncluttered website. With a design to start your visitors on a pleasant exploration of your eCommerce store. One that will make them want to come again. You can use intuitive layouts combined with current trends in web design for your site. You can use design elements to captivate your visitors.

Use Interesting images with minimal text to give a great experience to your visitors. Too much text on the page can be a turn off so temper your use of text. Images are always to look at and can show your products and get you, customers. You can also use Magento aCommerce Plateform for intuitive and user-friendly experience.

2. Make Purposeful Use Of Colour

The colour scheme of your website can also give customers a satisfying experience. Consider colour psychology when you plan the colour scheme for your site. Colour influences our mood and actions. Use contrasting colours for impact. Or harmonious colours to calm your visitors. Green has a positive effect on the customer’s mind, and you can use it for the checkout or payment button. Other colours also create positive feelings as the customer navigates around the site.

3. Have A Great About Us Page

Most of your customers would like to know about you and what you do, especially if visiting for the first time. A great “About Us” page will please your visitors’ curiosity and put them at ease. When a visitor checks out your “About Us” page, it shows their interest in you and the products you are offering. This page gives you a chance to build confidence in the product you are offering and show them that it is the best.

On this page, you can state who you are, and what you are offering them. Show your prospective customers your testimonials, and achievements. And any other kind of proof that would build their trust. It is a chance to win a customer. Give your contact information so it is clear and easy to find on this page as well as on other pages of your website. Be sure to mention your:

  • Business address
  • Contact email
  • Social media channels

Avoid packing this page with too many details that will overwhelm your visitors. A minimalist design with information that is clear and easy to comprehend. It may serve your eCommerce site and you well.

4. Create Your Site So That It Loads In A Few Seconds

Your website performance is especially important. Whether on a computer or a mobile device such as a tablet, iPad, or smartphone your site should load in a few seconds. Keep your prospective visitors from clicking the back button. And go to another site because the wait to load is too long. Increased wait time will reduce the number of your visitors and customers. Reduced wait time can see more visitors and customers on your site.

It is important to have your site compatible with mobile devices so mobile users can visit on the go. Two-thirds of cell phone users access the internet with their cell phones as their main means. So, create your website with mobile functionality. That will allow customers to browse, buy, and engage from anywhere on their mobile devices. It is important to create an optimized website. So, you get the greatest performance for your customers whether they use a desktop or a mobile device.

5. Create A Website That Is Easy To Navigate

You want to please your customers with their experience on your website. Making it easy to navigate is one way you can ensure that their experience is good. You can do so by avoiding have them making unnecessary clicks. Give it features so your visitors can move around and search with ease for what they are looking for.

6. Use Photos To Give Your Site Visual Appeal

Give your site visual appeal by using great photos of your product. But avoid making it feel cluttered. Photos will gain the trust of your customers. They will help them to see that they are getting the product they want. Photos will help your customers to get the feeling that they are looking at the items as if they were in a store.

So, make the online shopping experience satisfying to your customers. Make it as real as you can by using photos of the product. You can also use the photos to allow your customers to see the product in use. They give you more ways to appeal to your customers and get them to buy your products. Give them the ability to zoom in and out and to see the product at different angles if possible.

7. Use Less Text Content

It is always good to use just enough of anything. This is also true when it comes to text content on your webpage. Too much text content can turn off visitors. Use text to support images but space it well. Too many images or videos can also create a feeling of clutter on your customer’s viewing screen. It can influence their experience in a negative way and make them uncomfortable. It will also distract them and reduce the likelihood of buying your product. So, balance the use of text and images for your online store. It will be better for your customers and bring you better results.

8. Include Reviews By Customers

Customers generally trust reviews from other customers. More than they would a marketing pitch from a marketing agency. Positive customer experiences will be more effective. It will lift the experience of new visitors to your site. They will be more likely to buy your product and come again. Positive experiences of your customers expressed in reviews will engage other customers. On your site, it will convince them of the benefits your products offer. Make their reviews accessible to build a good experience in your eCommerce store.

9. Give Customers Needed Information Of Item On The Product Page

If you are selling a physical product, ensure you tell your customers early on. About the availability of items and options for delivery. Help them avoid the disappointment of having set their mind on an item. Then finding out it is out of stock, not available, or not available for delivery at your address.

10. Provide Customers With Easy Access To Contact Information

Customers may want to contact you for quotes or to sign up for updates by email or text messages. Make it easy for them to get contact information on your website. When they need this information, customers may not have the time or patience to search for it. Difficulty in finding it will have a negative impact on your customers’ experience. It would thus take away from a satisfying experience on your site.

11. Allow Your Customers To Live Chat

Allowing customers to chat in real-time with you will go a long way. It will improve your customers’ experience. It gives your existing and potential customers an easy way to connect with you. And to ask questions about your products and get an immediate response. This would be good for your business to increase conversion rates. This can also get you real-time feedback for your businesses. You get customers’ impression of your product, price, and performance of your website. It puts you in a position to update your store to serve them better.

12. Make Check Out Simple – And Allow Save To Cart

As an online retailer, you need to have an easy streamlined cart process. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay with an easy-to-follow checkout process. Each step of the way lets your customers know their stage in the checkout process.

You want your customers to complete the payment process in as few clicks as possible. You do not want to have them take too long to complete the sale. That can cause customer frustration. You want to please your customer with the experience on your site.

For your customers who want to buy and are not ready to do so, you can offer the option to save the item to a wish list. You can also have the option of leaving the cart with the item for an extended time. That will allow a customer who may want to return later to finish the transaction.

13. Offer Your Customers Free Shipping

Can you absorb the cost of shipping? The offer of free shipping can be a good way to keep up with the competition among today’s online stores. Free shipping frees your customers of the hidden cost worry. It makes the shopping experience more transparent and your customers more satisfied. They will be happier with their buying experience on your site.

14. Give Your Customers Great Online Support

Supporting your customers after they buy will also add to their satisfaction. It will make them happy to know that they will get support, if they need it, after buying your product. Giving a guarantee with the sale can give them the confidence to buy and make loyal repeat customers.

A live-chat feature that gives 24/7 support will be most helpful. This kind of support can get you more customers. But you may not have the means to provide round-the-clock customer support. You can offer help to your customers during regular work hours.


We have seen the main factors on how to create an eCommerce store. And to make the experience of your online customers satisfying. With so much competition online, you must be creative. You must find ways to attract customers. Once they come to your online store you need to make sure they have a good experience. It is how you will get them to return to your store.

In creating your ideal eCommerce store keep in focus your customer’s satisfaction. with every element that you put into your online store design. Your aim is to make them feel comfortable from the time they enter. Your site’s design and colour scheme will play a great part in doing so. But they must also be able to navigate and do their purpose with ease.

Once you have the store that gives your customers a satisfying experience make sure you keep it that way. Have you included a chat feature or other feedback method? You need to pay attention to your customers’ comments. Make sure you are responsive to any concern expressed. They may need you to make changes and improvements. Those will only be for the improvement of your website and bring you a better business.

By Steven Warner

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