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Brief Overview of Recurly

Recurly, PCI level 1 provider, is powerful enterprise-class subscription billing service that is trusted by thousands of companies. Recurly, Inc. handles all the complexities of subscription billing and revenue optimization.

As a leading recurring billing platform, Recurly takes the headache out of subscription management. Recurly uses an open platform approach to provide powerful out-of-the-box integrations with enterprise solutions like Salesforce, NetSuite, and Avalara.

Recurly OSI Affiliate Software Step by Step Instructions

Step 1 Create new Recurly account. If you already have Recurly account and set it up then skip this step.
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Fill the required fields.

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After login, note down the ‘Private API Key’.

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Now add new webhooks.

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Add ‘Endpoint Name’ and ‘Endpoint URL’ http://YOUR-OSI-URL/sales/recurly_webhooks?method=2

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Step 2 In landing page, add following code.
Create an order/subscribe page on your website and add following code. Your all users should subscribe using this URL.
Step 3 Go to your admin settings on our software.
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Then 3rd party integration.

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Then Recurly Integration.

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Now add Recurly subdomain and API Key that we have noted down in step 1 ‘Private API Key’.

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Now our software will register all new subscriptions and recurring bills on the Recurly.



Congratulations! Once you add this Recurly affiliate tracking code you have completed the setup and integration of the Omnistar Affiliate Software into your Recurly Store.