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Omnistar Affiliate is now Mobile

The power of affiliate marketing is now available on your cell phone. Your affiliate users will now be able to sign up for your affiliate program from their cell phones. In addition, affiliate users will be able to sign into their affiliate control panel and check their commission reports and manage every aspect of their affiliate program.

Compatible with All Mobile Devices

Omnistar Affiliate software has been designed to be compatible with all mobile devices. Whether you have an iphone or an Android operating system device, we have you covered. There are no apps to install because our developers have leveraged technology to detect all mobile devices to display the respective resolution.

Omnistar Affiliate is compatible with the following devices and more: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iphone 4, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5S, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry Torch, HTC Incredible, HTC EVO, webOS 2, Blackberry 6, any devices running Android 2+ and more.

Empower Your Affiliate Users

By empowering your affiliate users you will increase your sales and grow your business. It is important that you provide your affiliate users all the necessary resources to help them promote you and that is why we developed Omnistar Affiliate mobile version. Now, no matter where your affiliate users are, if they have a phone, they can check their commissions and also access their affiliate links.