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Listen To Your Gut Case Study

Brief bio of your company that includes the number of customers you have and years in business.

Since 1999 in Biz. We provide hope and healing to people with Digestive problems. LTYG uses proven natural protocols and products to heal people. We have about 40,000 customers and we sell them books and products. We manufacture 10 products and wholesale the rest.

Why you decided to launch an Affiliate program and why you chose OSI Affiliate Software.

Early on we approached people that wanted to sell other products from their sites and we have built up affiliates since 1999. We tried 1Shopping cart then infusion. Finally we moved to BigCommerce because infusion wasn't linked and Bigcommerce works wells with OSI Affiliate Software.

The features that you like in OSI Affiliate software.

- Easy to setup and professional look.
- Overview of clicks and paying affiliates is simple.
- Really click and painless to add custom affiliate setups for different products.
- Affiliate like cookie lifetime

How have you benefited from using OSI Affiliate Software so far. (Please mention specifics like increased traffic, sales, etc.)

ROI: $240 to pay for it for 1 year and have made this in a few months. Great value.

What do you anticipate in the future by your use of the software. Any specific goals that you hope to obtain?

Looking to launch another related site and we plan on using your software for that as well.