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Maca Team Case Study

Brief bio of your company that includes the number of customers you have and years in business.

The Maca Team sources and sells premium quality organic Maca superfoods. We started selling Maca in 2006 to friends and family, and what was a part time pursuit grew into a full time business. As of the end of 2013 we serve a little over 6000 customers with the best selection of Maca products anywhere.

Why you decided to launch an Affiliate program and why you chose OSI Affiliate Software.

We launched an affiliate program to grow our customer base by collaborating with other entrepreneurs in our field. We looked at several options. At first, we thought about joining a network like Commission Junction or Share-a-Sale, but the cost to entry as well as the terms were unfavorable in our view. After we decided to set up our own affiliate program we looked at two main candidates: Omnistar and iDevAffiliate. We trialed both of them and in the end went with Omnistar due to overall better features and customer service. It wasn't an easy decision since Omnistar has a monthly fee whereas iDevAffiliate is a one off cost, but we were convinced after the trial that Omnistar would be well worth the extra cost.

The features that you like in OSI Affiliate Software.

The standard Omnistar affiliate user pages have worked well for us as we've started the program. The design is neutral enough to fit in with our sites' overall esthetic. The tracking codes as well as the banners have been easy to upload and use for both our affiliate manager and our users. We've also enjoyed the extensive search function built into the software.

How have you benefited from using OSI Affiliate Software so far. (Please mention specifics like increased traffic, sales, etc.)

After setting up the software we sent an email to all of our customers and about 15 joined as affiliates. Within the week we had made enough sales through them to pay our monthly fee for several months. Since then we have focused on recruiting "super affiliates". We just finished a promotion with our first "super affiliate" which generated nearly 1000 new customers for us in 2 weeks. We have 3 more promotions on the horizon for early 2014. We are also currently setting up some ongoing relationships with some of these "super affiliates."

What do you anticipate in the future by your use of the software. Any specific goals that you hope to obtain?

In 2014 we expect to broaden our customer base by 10,000, with about 60% of these new customers coming through our affiliate program. Beyond that we will look toward expanding our customers by 5000-7000 annually. We are grateful to the Omnistar team for providing us the tools to create an affiliate program with the best commission terms in our field so that we can recruit the top tier affiliates we need to achieve our goals.