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Optimal Run Case Study

Brief bio of your company that includes the number of customers you have and years in business.

We began in December of 2010. Serving customers on six continents, our mission is to empower individuals to create optimal running experiences. Our company is designed to combine the convenience and accessibility of e-commerce, with the expertise and personal attention of a great local specialty running store. One customer describes us as, "The best "local" running store on the internet or anywhere else, for that matter."

Why you decided to launch an Affiliate program and why you chose OSI Affiliate Software.

We decided to launch our affiliate program because so many of our customers, friends and colleagues were writing great content about running, gear and often times about us. These passionate writers are the authentic voice of runners and athletes around the globe; sharing information and exchanging ideas for the love of the lifestyle. Why not reward these enthusiasts for the support they were already giving us. OSI Affiliate Software makes it easy to provide our affiliates with the tools they need and track the results.

The features that you like in OSI Affiliate Software.

Firstly would be the easy set-up with the wizard that quickly guides you through the process. The increased SEO and increased conversions are a real plus; more partners translates to a much wider and highly engaged audience.

How have you benefited from using OSI Affiliate Software so far. (Please mention specifics like increased traffic, sales, etc.)

Our site traffic, sales and conversions have all been positively influenced by using OSI Affiliate Software.

What do you anticipate in the future by your use of the software. Any specific goals that you hope to obtain?

We anticipate steady growth of both partners and sales, but also a louder voice within the running community to facilitate our mission of empowering individuals to create optimal running experience.