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OSI Affiliate Software Announces Launch of App Store

Orlando, FL, June 7, 2013

OSI Affiliate Software (, the industry-leading affiliate software used to create and manage affiliate programs, announced today the launch of the OSI Affiliate Software App Store (

The whole goal of this app store is to help our customers find great applications that they can use to help them run and grow their businesses. You will find all sorts of business apps in the OSI Affiliate Software App Store. You will find apps for online stores, help desk management, crm apps, online form apps, email marketing apps, publishing apps, and many more.

For example, let's say you want to create an online store, you can go to the OSI Affiliate Software App Store and install the top e-commerce apps like 3dcart Affiliate Software, BigCommerce Affiliate Software, Paypal Affiliate Software, Shopify Affiliate Software, and many others.

"All our customers can benefit from great business apps, they just need a place to find suitable apps for them," said OSI Affiliate Software Co-Founder and CEO Tariehk Geter. "That is why we launched the OSI Affiliate App Store. To help businesses find great apps that will help them save time, increase sales, and grow their business. Most of all, these apps integrate with our Affiliate Software helping them manage their affiliate programs easily."

About OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is affiliate marketing software and referral marketing software designed to help businesses easily manage an affiliate program that will increase their traffic, clicks, and sales. Also, OSI Affiliate Software is affordable and cloud-accessible. Learn more about OSI Affiliate Software.

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