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Building you business on revenue opportunities from multi streams of products and services is always a smart decision, especially when you combine it with the impressive Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software with shopping cart capability. Maintaining accurate promotional sales statistics is a real issue when you have to pay affiliate partners that make up the financial foundation of your business. Moreover, creating accurate sales sheets is an accounting necessity to help you understand what you' ve gained at the end of the business year.

The integration of our Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software with available shopping cart code into your affiliate marketing program is simply a full-management choice that helps you maintain control. Once you implement this shopping cart capability into your marketing program, all business transactions among your affiliate partners are efficiently tracked and easily managed for your accounting convenience.

Enjoy Favorite Affiliate Shopping Cart Benefits

As soon as you employ Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software, we will have your shopping cart code ready to go. As a business executive, you can then enjoy all of the benefits your shopping cart offers on a 24/7 basis:

➙  Determine what creative bonuses and incentive you will give to your affiliate partners, and distribute them on a timely basis, after you view the activity of your high-sales publishers.
➙  Pay or resend any scheduled payments , and set up accounts that you have advertised as recurring.
➙  View the statistical ratios of tracked sales and traffic clicks or visits simultaneously, especially when you need to generate reports to analyze the activity levels of your business.
➙  Use autoresponders to send welcome letters and other email marketing messages. You can also send congratulatory autoresponders when your affiliate marketing partners get those highly-desired sales.
➙  Set up separate earning levels that are a derivative of products-by-product selling base rates.
➙  Use affiliate control like the process of employee hiring, and have the capability to approve affiliate applications based on their given answers.
➙  Set up automatic triggers to separate incoming affiliate partners, customers, and prospects into email marketing lists that are sensibly ordered by category.

Your New Administrative Assistant for Your Affiliate Marketing Business

You won' t have to locate and hire an expensive administrative assistant to keep track of all promotional sales, when you use the power of Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software for shopping cart users. This saves you time and money because there are no expensive wages or employee overhead to purchase to get the information you need right away.

Your network can move smoothly forward, while you have the assurance that your back-end solution is solidly managed. Once web masters know that you have a solid, secure and accurate tracking system behind your affiliate products and services, they are more likely to publish your light boxes, banner ads, text links and/or page peels.

Furthermore, with a comprehensive tracking system behind your business name, like that of the Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software for shopping cart users, this makes it easy to construct and sustain relationships with your affiliate partners. In fact, your affiliate partners are retained easier, because they can view their own activity level at any time. This helps makes the experience of working on your affiliate marketing team a pleasant one, especially when they find out they have met the requirements to receive sales bonuses from you.

With the Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software with shopping cart capacity, you still have the robust resources to make every effort count within you business:

➙  Enlist a inexhaustible amount of affiliate partners.
➙  Drive 10-tier commissions levels far down into your financial success line.
➙  Add as many affiliate commission systems as your desire to the Omnistar Affiliate Marketing System .
➙  Allocate all commissions earned via Pay Pal merchant service.
➙  Build and administrate email marketing newsletters to your affiliate team with autoresponder technology.
➙  When necessary print statistical commission sheets to have handy for reporting purposes.

Your Customers' Affiliate Marketing Shopping Cart Experience

Capturing customers means propagating your affiliate products and services all over the internet via publishing partners, affiliate users and web-based referrals. Although your customers do not directly come from your efforts, but you will still take care of them through a professional shopping cart experience.

➙  Consumers buy the tools, e-books, digital materials and popular and fashionable items they want through a professional interface.
➙  Store hours are not an issue because of the 24/7 online-shopping capacity for customers who request your affiliate marketing product line.
➙  Clients that elect to receive your email marketing newsletters can obtain autoresponder thank you letters that you set up with the Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software base.
➙  Get statistical results from your tested advertising, which will display real-time click through results and completed follow-up sales.
➙  Automated shipping cost can be accurately calculated for major shipping institutions like UPS, FedEx, USPS.
➙  Customers feel secure by not having to reveal their sensitive information unless they elect to do so.
➙  Printable receipts are generated almost instantly after a consumer buys your affiliate marketing product.

Savvy Affordability and Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software with Shopping Cart Capability

With multiple streams of income branching off from various internet advertisers, our shopping cart integration code brings all your financial transactions together under the Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software roof. With all that you can achieve with our software, our prices remain reasonable for those that are ready for serious and growth-driven income.

Concentrate on increasing your partnership base, without having to learn long streams of HTML code to track your product and service sales. With 24-hour turn-around for addressing technical questions with qualified efficiency, we keep affiliate marketing shopping cart integration at an easy cut-and-paste level.

With 12 months of free software improvements and trade support around the clock, at Omnistar we remain an industry leader to serve our clients with maximum tools that make affiliate marketing a worth-while undertaking.

With so many tools at an affordable price, now is the time to take advantage of Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software with the shopping cart code. With our 90-day money back guarantee, sign up now to get your affiliate marketing business in action mode.