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Affiliate Software for Web Hosts

Initiating a more profitable aspect of the Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software within your business plan is simple as using our powerful options for webhosts. With Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software for webhosts, you maintain the power to leverage our software with your own name. Branding our software as your own allows you to resale our product for huge profits. With our affiliate marketing products, we have thought of every tool you need to earn unlimited sales, easily track commissions, and manage your company with complete professionalism. With our private label software, you can set your business team in motion, by implementing your strategic plans for multiple streams of lucrative income.

Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software for Webhost in Action

When you delegate Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software as your business foundation, we know you mean business in a serious way. That is why we have taken nothing but a serious approach to our tools, so that they provide you with a bank of resources to build your bottom line. Let's take a deeper look at Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software for webhosts:

➙   When you host and brand our affiliate marketing software, your business partners can utilize all the power of our tools to make huge financial waves for your business and their own business by easy site replication.
➙   Allow your business to get wildly lucrative by setting up a multi-tiered team of ready-business affiliates. You can drive a 10-tier team as deep as you want it to go with Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software for webhosts.
➙   Calculating recurring commissions on products and services for which your team promotes is easy. Yet, having the management power to set up automatic and recurring commissions with Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software, keeps your business moving on autopilot.
➙   Although site replication is a powerfully advanced tool for which you can utilize with our affiliate marketing software, we also offer your business partners the ability to maximize the use of creative adverting. Therefore, your affiliate partners can also utilize light boxes, page peels, and banners ads to create a storm of profitable sales.
➙   At Omnistar, we understand that keeping your team all on the same financially motivated wavelength means sending them all the same message. Our affiliate marketing system for webhosts makes sending out email newsletters simple to deliver. Furthermore, promote your email marketing messages to your team on a timely and efficient basis via our tools for autoresponders.

At Omnistar We Give You More

A smooth running business is what you want, and with Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software for webhosts, we believe our tools can help your reach your realistic financial goals. Review our key features at a glance:

➙   Our user friendly dashboard makes affiliate management uncomplicated and easy to navigate
➙  Set up motivating incentive plans for your high-selling affiliate marketing partners
➙   Evaluate the activity of your heavy hitters by tracking sales and commissions with our affiliate marketing software system
➙   Keep your data organized and where you want it by maximizing the ability to import and export tracked sales
➙   Pay your affiliates and access immediate-business income from service and product sales all through Pay Pal merchant integration
➙   Avoid duplicated sales which could cause you to lose customers by using our Omnistar Affiliate Marketing automated triggers system
➙   Let your affiliate partners capitalize on the creative information you provide for your customers through SEO-friendly advertising and links.

Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software and Full Management Control

We are confident that Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software provides you with the best tools within the industry to stay in full-management control. As an affiliate marketing software leader, we also believe our software will allow you to work your business with an advantage that is mile ahead of your competition.

Why not make your affiliate marketing interface match your existing website profile? Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software for webhosts gives you this capability, and furthers offers the ability to still track affiliate commission even when customers may have their cookies turned off. You no longer have to avoid customers that don't speak your language. With simplistic code modification, the Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software translates to the language you need and instantly makes your business available to for new financial avenues. Get the detailed reports that you need and perform business analysis from all angles.

Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software Affordability for Webhosts

We make affordability happen with our Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software for webhosts. Not only do we offer jam-packed tools for your affiliate business, but we provide them with cost effectiveness which pays for itself over again throughout the life of your business transactions.

What makes Omnistar webhost software the better and more affordable choice over the competition? Our affiliate marketing software system is the perfect choice when you have your very own server. With your server, you can competently install our software with free installation.

Our 90 Day Guarantee means we stand firmly behind what our product can do for your affiliate marketing business and managing partners. Further still, if you need to add more features to our system, our hosting software is an open arena for third-party integration.

Once you begin to operate our software, you then are able to arrange multiple affiliate programs with successful. Your affiliate management team, including support techs, upper management and executive personnel, can all work within our multiple-usage interface. Pay pal integration works perfect with our products to allow for versatile transactions between executive partners, customers, and affiliate users.

From back-office management, email marketing newsletters and to the availability to supply affiliate rewards, the Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software system has got your business covered. Although our software is worth thousands when it help meet your financial goals, we keep our system affordably prices so that are serious about making multiple layers of income can get started right away.

We have paved the way for your to make profitability with affiliate marketing and we continue to support you all through your business with our 24/7 ticket-system support. Now, all you have to do is seize your financial freedom by choosing Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software for webhosts as your wing of profitability.