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Thinking of making the switch to Omnistar or one of the other Zferral competitors?.

We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you.

Below, you'll find information to help you compare Omnistar and Zferral, including features, customer experiences, pricing and thoughts from current Omnistar customers who have made the switch.

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1) Affordable Referral System

Start an affiliate program for your business today using OSI Affiliate Software.

Starting at $47/month, you will be able to easily create and manage an affiliate program.

You will be able to have unlimited affiliates, unlimited affiliate programs, and you do not even have to install the software on your server.

OSI Affiliate Software is hosted and we manage your backups and security.

I was able to completely customize the software to appear where I wanted it in the website and incorporate an approval process for applicants. There is an option for pretty much everything - which is great. The only drawback is that because of the many options and settings, it was sometimes confusing and I needed assistance setting up. Luckily, Arlen and the rest of the support team are quick to respond and extremely helpful. Arlen went above and beyond to help me integrate the software into our website and was very patient to explain terms and features I didn't quite understand yet. I would definitely recommend OSI Affiliates! Thank you guys!!!

Noelle Mejiat
Billing Manager at Fresh Meal Plan

2) Free Integration

Get your affiliate program going in 4 easy steps.

Step 1. Sign up for OSI Affiliate Software.

Step 2. Follow the easy getting started wizard in the software to set up your first affiliate program and to integrate OSI Affiliate Software with your shopping cart.

Step 3. Customize the affiliate software with your branding.

Step 4. Recruit affiliates.

Before OSI Affiliate, we had a custom affiliate program that we were using from a previous software. It was very limited, and it didn't integrate with Stripe. We needed a new solution, and that was OSI Affiliate. OSI Affiliate has allowed us to create custom coupons, affiliate links, and manage everything in their dashboard. It is simple and easy to run an affiliate program with OSI Affiliate.

Dave Schneider
Ninja Outreach

3) Customer Support

Get all your questions answered and issues resolved for free.

You do not have to pay extra to get support.

You can get support via email and over the phone.

To schedule for phone support, send us an email with your questions to [email protected] and a tech will give you a call at the scheduled time.

Also, you can visit the OSI Affiliate Software Help Desk.

OSI Affiliate has helped us by giving us the ability to allow others that are not traditional resellers to leverage their audience and relationships without making a significant investment. It Provides more options for different resellers to spread the word of our product.

Frank Clark
Glasstic Water Bottle

4) Apps And Integrations

OSI Affiliate Software integrates with all the major eCommerce applications. You can integrate OSI Affiliate with Shopify, Bigcommerce, MailChimp, Leadpages, and many more. See all our integrations and technology partners here.

OSI Affiliate Software has enabled mycomfypjs.com to have a really efficient business model. It would be impractical for our health professional affiliates to stock all the sizes of our women's, maternity and men's pillow pocket pajamas. With the Omnistar app, our affiliates never have to pay us anything and we only pay them when their patients become our customers.

Jonathan Handley
My Comfy PJs

5) Pricing

When choosing the right affiliate tracking software, you need to consider the price.

Most affiliate software are priced based on the total number of transactions, plus features, and some even take a percentage of the sales.

This is really confusing and in the end it will cost you more to run the program.

OSI Affiliate's pricing is based only on the total number of monthly tracking requests and total number of affiliates.

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